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07 Sep

Nutty for Mediterranean-style Diets

It is a well know fact that fruits and vegetables have always been high on the list of functional foods, but we often do not think about the wonderful benefits of nuts.

Nuts and nut butters are a powerhouse of a snack. They provide protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Satisfying and flavorful, almost everyone enjoys including nuts and nut butters in their diet. Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health found three times as many people trying to lose weight were able to stick to a Mediterranean-style moderate-fat weight loss diet that included nuts, peanuts and peanut butter versus the traditionally recommended low-fat diet. (International Journal of Obesity, Oct. 5, 2001).

As long as you control total calories, eating a handful of nuts or nut butters like Betsy’s Best daily may help prevent weight gain and possibly promote weight loss.

The fat, protein, and fiber in nuts and nut butters help you feel full longer, so you may eat less during the day. By helping induce a feeling of satiety, nuts and nut butters may help people feel less deprived and not like they're "dieting." Just remember to practice portion control and to keep nuts to a small handful!

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