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Dark Chocolate Strawberry Poppers

A recipe for chocolate covered cashew butter and strawberry poppers

A simple way to make an easy dessert gourmet! These bite sized dark chocolate strawberry mini desserts pop with flavor, thanks to a Betsy's Best nut or seed butter. Change up the nut butter to change the flavor and you will see the cinnamon and cardamom flavors add an interesting twist to this unique dish!

1 dark chocolate bar
5 large strawberries
4 Tbsp Betsy's Best Gourmet Cashew Butter (or other Betsy's Best nut or seed butter)
mint for garnish

Slice strawberries and break dark chocolate bar into bricks. Top the chocolate with the strawberry, add a teaspoon of Betsy's Best and top with mint for garnish.


I can barely put into words how delicious and easy this dessert was. I used Betsy’s Best Almond Butter which is my 10 year old’s favorite. That, combined with her other two favorites, strawberries and chocolate made this her new go-to favorite snack!

Posted by loveshealthydesserts on May 22, 2017

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