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Betsy’s Best Brand Ambassadors are an amazing group of people.  They love life. They’re active and fit.  They are parents or kids.  They are foodies who love amazing foods.  Of course, they’re nut butter lovers.  Read their stories and become inspired!

Christine is a Betsy's Best Brand AmbassadorChristine, aka FITMOMFOODS, began a journey of health after the birth of her second child a dozen years ago. Her third child was born with several food allergies so Christine became even more fascinated with creative cooking and allergy friendly baking over the past six years.  She sees daily reinforcement that nutritious food and exercise can help heal our bodies from the inside out. She enjoys sharing her belief that healthy food CAN be delicious and even teaches culinary classes to high school students and adults.  Christine loves encouraging others to experiment with foods in the kitchen like “mad scientists,” fostering fun and creativity. She believes that a healthy lifestyle begins with real food and a joyful heart. 💙

Hi there! My name is Charissa. I’m a native to Southern California, though my family is in Minnesota, so sometimes you’ll catch me saying I’m going “home” to the mid-west. While my resume reads like a “Jack of all Trades,” I tend to gravitate towards the creative. Catering. Event planning. Writing. One of my best friends said the perfect job for me is in social media/marketing consulting. I can meet someone & within a few minutes, start coming up with ideas on how to grow their brand. Overall, I love helping entrepreneurs & small businesses I believe in, whether it’s through my own expertise or introducing them to a resource or a contact I know can be of help. When I’m not coming up with your next social media campaign, I’m either in the kitchen, watching sports or with my loved ones. I hope my recipes inspire others to create something sweet!

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Beth W.


Hi! My name is Beth Wolters and I am from a small town in rural Ohio. I have my Bachelors degree in Dietetics and am currently a graduate student pursing my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from Ball State University. I was first introduced to Betsy and her nut butters my sophomore year of college when she came to Ball State to speak with our Dietetics Association. Her nut butters are something that I have incorporated into my diet ever since! I have kept in touch with Betsy and idolize her role as a professional, contagious positivity and passion for wellness. Aside from being a student, I am a certified Pound instructor and love promoting a healthy lifestyle to others. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, running, biking and developing new concoctions in the kitchen!

Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cinnamon Almond Butter

Roz Ackerman is a PN Level 2 certified nutritionist, a CrossFit L1 trainer and a certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance. Roz is one of the founders of Own Your Eating,  an online nutrition company that she runs alongside her husband Jason Ackerman. Together they provide nutrition coaching and educational resources about fitness and diet. Their program and prescription is all inclusive but is specifically directed at helping every-day people with busy lives. They believe that anyone can achieve transformative change without restrictive dieting or hours in the gym. Their mission is to help people find a measurable balance with nutrition, allowing them to enjoy the foods they love, without compromising their progress or sacrificing their health.

Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cardamom Cashew Butter

Sydney T.
Sydney Tollet is a Betsy's Best Brand AmbassadorMy name is Sydney Tollett and I am a college student pursuing a degree in dietetics. I have been passionate about health and fitness for about 6 years now, and am so thankful for what this lifestyle has done for me! I do some online coaching and am hoping to continue growing that business while in school. I’m a huge foodie and love to explore new places, restaurants, etc. I use Betsy’s Best every day either on my oats or on waffles or anything can’t go wrong!

Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cardamom Cashew Butter

I’m Kaitlin, or KB. I live in Los Angeles, specifically in Brentwood. I am a Yoga Sculpt Instructor at Corepower. I am a foodie meaning I like organic kale, but pizza and wine too. I love travel- near and far. I believe in holistic medicine to help heal my adrenals. I love fitness- however it’s been a journey. I went from over exercise to finding balance. I currently do yoga, pilates, long walks, and platefit workout classes. I am gluten free, egg free due to allergies. I am a perfectionist, type A person. I believe self awareness, self love, mindfulness, and connection are the tools for happiness. This is my Instagram page- a glimpse into my LA lifestyle and beyond.

Favorite Betsy’s Best: Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter

Rachel W. (@rachelshealthyplate), Louisville, KY | Mountain grown foodie. Creator of simple, healthy meals. Lover of cookies, beer, vegetables, and 90s country. Old lady at heart. Recipe developer behind 


Favorite Betsy’s Best: Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter

I have many passions in life like food photography and cooking. They allow me to express myself creatively. I’m glad to be able to combine my love of nut butters with cooking! It’s literally like a match made in heaven.


Favorite Betsy’s Best: Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter


My name is Courtney Woo and I am living my best life as a registered dietitian! I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University (in San Diego) with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and then went on to San Francisco State University to complete my Dietetic Internship. As a naturally curious person, I am fulfilling my love for learning by completing a Master of Science degree in Disease Prevention from the University of New England. Eventually I hope to become a Certified Diabetes Educator too!

Dietetics intrigued me because of the diversity in career opportunities, which explains the several hats that I wear on daily basis! In addition to helping clients develop healthy relationships with food, I also work as a dietitian for a retirement community and skilled nursing center. And in my spare time, I love getting creative in the kitchen, developing recipes and food styling, trying new restaurants or workouts, spending quality time with family and friends, reading a good book, and doing anything active like hiking, running, and riding bikes along the beach! You can find me living my best foodie life on Instagram @naturallysweetrd and on Facebook as The Naturally Sweet RD. I look forward to connecting with you! J



Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cardamom Cashew Butter

Annelise is a Betsy's Best Brand AmbassadorHey! I’m Annelise, also known as @PBandPullups on Instagram, and I am a junior Figure Competitor in Bodybuilding. I am 15 years old. I am a 1st Phorm Legionnaire and a sponsored athlete of Team Pro Physique coached by Paul Revelia. My passions consist of bodybuilding, food, fitness, mindset, personal development, reading, and more. My mission is to inspire and help others be their own best selves in all aspects of their life, as well as to become my best self.  YouTube: Annelise Markussen.
Brittany is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. She loves educating people about all aspects of health and wellness including safe skincare and mental health. In addition, she’s a former track & field athlete and bikini competitor. She loves creating new recipes and workouts in her free time and sharing them with her clients and fans.
Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cinnamon Seed Butter
Mila is a Mom and a Betsy's Best Brand AmbassadorMy name is Mila, I’m a stay at home mom of 5 kids the youngest being 18 months old. Life in the Kharik household is anything but boring, so I love to find things that make being a mom of 5 very active kiddos a little more efficient and easier, focused on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle. Capturing everyday moments of my little ones and friends and family is one of things I enjoy most. You can find my work on my Instagram page… @milanagracephotography.

Favorite Betsy’s Best: Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter

Kaleigh, a Betsy's Best Brand AmbassadorKaleigh is a registered dietitian and new mama in Lubbock, Texas. She is a food blogger at Lively Table where she shares simple, delicious, real-food recipes and wellness tips to help young women feel confident inside the kitchen and out. Kaleigh believes everyone should have the power to define health in their own terms, rather than being defined by a number on a scale, and she loves to share the joy of eating!
Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cinnamon Almond Butter

Karla Salinari is a Brooklyn-based mom, wife, food flip blogger and creator of FlipBox. On her blog, she ‘flips’ unhealthy recipes into healthy alternatives using mostly gluten free, organic, and high-quality ingredients. From the blog came the idea to launch a healthy dessert kit company, FlipBox.

Each FlipBox includes an easy to follow recipe card, with pre-measured dry and mostly organic ingredients. FlipBox also includes mini baking supplies to encourage a family friendly experience.

The idea to create FlipBox comes from Karla’s belief that a healthy lifestyle starts at home. Encouraging your little ones to make healthy choices can be fun for you and the whole family.

When Karla’s not “flipping” recipes or working on, you can find her at a local park with her husband and daughter, exploring local restaurants, ice cream shops or traveling!

Sydney A.
Hi everyone! I’m Sydney, a 21 year old student at Tulane University. Last fall, I studied abroad in the Netherlands, and my time away from school  has taught me a lot about health and wellness. My major actually has nothing to do with health, its Communications with a Psychology and Management minor. In the summer of 2017 I started finding happiness through fitness and tried working out on a daily basis. I became more conscious of what I was eating and the choices I made while ordering at restaurants. I started learning how to cook but could barely make eggs right. While abroad, my culinary talents really began to form. Every night I cook clean, healthy, and simple dinners with my friends. While I am no where close to being an expert on health and wellness, my journey thus far has given me a lot of insight and I am excited to keep learning and sharing.
Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cinnamon Almond Butter
Edie is a young and passionate foodie that believes in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She loves to run and lift weights. In her free time she enjoys to explore her hometown and hang out with friends and family.


Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cinnamon Peanut Butter
My name is Gianna from @nutritiouslydelicious_ where I share fun &  vibrant creations that are nutritious and delicious, with nothing suspicious. I graduated with my Community Health degree, and since then, have been spreading health throughout my community by being part of a local produce distribution company. I also make all-natural granola, which can be found in local markets and coffee shops. I am passionate about sharing positivity, health, and happiness and am so excited to be a Betsy’s Best Ambassador because I know this creative brand is as well. Follow me on Instagram:  @nutritiouslydelicious_


Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cinnamon Almond Butter

Hi! I’m Stephanie, a Pediatric Registered Dietitian who lives in the Cincinnati Ohio area. I love all things food, fitness and nutrition! What I might love a little more is sharing my passion for nutrition and fitness with my friends, family, and social media family. I’ve been practicing a plant-based lifestyle for over 10 years and my body has never felt better. The recipes and information I share are vegetarian friendly, but can easily be adapted to fit your personal tastes and eating approach! My goal is to share how to cook simple and delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen! When I’m not in the kitchen you’ll find me outside training for my next marathon race or taking a group fitness class to keep my workouts interesting. I’m a strong believer that food and fitness go hand in hand, which is why I’m so excited to have the opportunity to represent this brand: Betsy’s Best! Nut butters are a staple in my diet and helps provide me with the sustained energy I need to fuel my workouts and meet my fitness goals. My first spoonful of the toasted coconut cashew butter was love at first taste! I’ve tried many different brands of nut butters and when I find one that stands out for not only taste, but wholesome ingredients I want to share with others!

Instagram: Trailmixforthesole


Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cinnamon Almond Butter


Rachel is a senior at the University of Southern California studying in the Marshall School of Business. Originally from Florida, she was one of the first to fall in love with Betsy’s Best! Rachel is vegan and swears by Betsy’s butters to give her all the protein and healthy fats she needs to get her through her days. She is based in Los Angeles, California and plans to stay there next year to start work in the tech industry!



Favorite Betsy’s Best: Cardamom Cashew Butter

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