Food Integrity | A Message From Betsy

Food Integrity | A Message From Betsy

Food Integrity is very important to Betsy, a registered Dietitian and the creator of Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters.  Here is a message from Betsy:

Ever since I whipped out my Vitamix to blend together the perfect peanut butter with a sweet and salty perfection for my daughter, sourcing the highest quality ingredients has always been top priority.  If it is good enough for my family, it is good enough for yours!

Why Food Integrity Is Important To Betsy

As a registered dietitian I have a different outlook on the food industry.  I don’t look at profits and margins on how much my products can make.  I look at functional food ingredients that will nourish the body, flavors that will fascinate the taste buds and foster a feeling of connection with food that is good for you. I take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients knowing that although they may be more expensive, they are also better for you.  I may make the Rolls Royce of nut and seed butters but I try hard to make them affordable for everyone.  It is hard competing in the food industry where every cent matters and food companies do all they can to increase profits, even if that means compromising on quality and sourcing lower integrity ingredients.  That is why I saw an opportunity to grow a business on standards, quality and pride.  I want my butters to be different from the rest.  I want the taste to be outstanding, I want the experience to be one to remember and I want to go to bed at night knowing that what I am providing you is the BEST I can offer.  After all, I am BETSY and this is my BEST!

I am highlighting some of our top quality super-star ingredients that make my butters stellar.

  1. We source the third most expensive spice in the world, cardamom, to grace our Gourmet Cashew Butter with Cardamom.  Not only is this spice rich in flavor but rich in nutrients that can reduce inflammation and help with stomach issues.
  2. We source not just cinnamon, but Korintji cinnamon for our Gourmet Peanut Butter, Gourmet Almond Butter, and Gourmet Seed Butter because this type of cinnamon has a richer flavor and more robust nutrients.
  3. We select the highest quality Brazilian nuts to blend our Gourmet Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter and our Gourmet Cashew Butter with Cardamom for the creamiest and most flavorful cashew butter you will ever taste.
  4. Every single one of my butters is carefully crafted with chia seeds, the world’s most functional super seed and the star ingredient for our crazy crunchy texture.
  5. We source an outstanding organic honey that comes from the buzzing bees from the US, not from countries like China where many of the honeys that are used commercially come from.
  6. Our amazing almonds, that are hands down the best tasting, are sourced in beautiful California by our own US farmers.  Our sunny sunflower seeds come from North Dakota, and our US peanuts from farms extending from Arizona to Virginia.
  7. I choose to use a pink Himalayan salt for that savory flavor rather than traditional table salt, that is not only processed but lacking the minerals my pink salt contain.

I may be picky with the ingredients I use, but it is only because I want the highest quality for you.  If I am not my BEST when crafting my delicious Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters, then I can’t call my company Betsy’s Best. I want all of my fans to know I have your back and I won’t disappoint when I promise to keep quality in mind and will never compromise taste or health.  I may have to borrow that pizza slogan and put a slight twist on it, “Best taste with Best Ingredients!”

Yours in Health,


Simple Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are a simple, customizable food that you can easily add to a healthy diet any time of day. Many people get hooked on making smoothies the second they buy a new blender, but quickly get bored with the same recipes. Since smoothies are the easiest way to get greens like kale and spinach into your diet, or possibly your kids’ diets, it’s important to know how to build the perfect smoothie so you can make endless combinations and beat that boredom stage!

How to make simple healthy smoothies: 

Step 1: Your Base (1-2 cups)

First, add a liquid base to your blender. Try water, coconut water and unsweetened regular milk or vanilla milk alternatives (almond milk, hemp milk, soy milk, flax milk, etc.)

Step 2: Natural Sweetness (1-2 cups)

Next, add in fresh or frozen fruits such as banana, berries or mango, and sweet vegetables like already cooked sweet potato, pumpkin or squash.

Step 3: Greens (1-2 cups)

This is your chance to sneak in the amazing nutritional benefits of greens without even detecting the taste! Kale, spinach, collards or sprouts are perfect for this step.

Step 4: Optional Flavorings (per taste preference)

For excellent flavor that will “spice” up your smoothie without added calories or fat, add in cinnamon or nutmeg, vanilla or lemon extract, or unsweetened cacao powder.

Step 5: Optional Healthy Fats (1-2 Tablespoons)

To turn that smoothie into a well-rounded meal replacer, add healthy whole fats such as Betsy’s Best Gourmet PeanutAlmond or Sunflower Seed Butter, avocado, chia seeds or hemp seeds.

Healthy smoothies are one of our favorite ways to incorporate Betsy’s Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters. The added protein, sweet cinnamon and honey in each serving of Betsy’s Best make every smoothie completely delish! Try our Creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie for a creamy Nutella-flavored smoothie that tastes so good you won’t believe it’s healthy!

Let’s Go Kroger-ing with Betsy’s Best

Growing up in a small Indiana town, I remember shopping at the local Kroger. My sister and I tagged along behind our mom as she did her weekly shopping, stopping to talk to all the neighbors and friends along the way. It was more than a grocery store; it was a social outing. I wonder what my 8-year-old self would think if I told her a product that she developed in her kitchen would one day grace those very same Kroger shelves? I’m sure she wouldn’t believe it, but it’s true! I am proud to announce that Kroger and Kroger affiliated stores coast to coast are the newest grocery chain to sell Betsy’s Best. Now my neighbors and friends can purchase a product developed by the little girl in pigtails who trailed her mom at their hometown Kroger.

Landing the Kroger account has literally put us on the map, making Betsy’s Best a national company overnight. In early spring, I walked into the Kroger corporate office in Cincinnati with my four gourmet nut and seed butters. At that point, Betsy’s Best was available in around 600 stores nationwide, but Kroger alone has over 1,700 stores and affiliates throughout the country. It was an important meeting, but it didn’t take long for me to realize it was love at first bite for the buyer. As he licked the spoon after trying each flavor, I recognized the smile on his face; I found another Betsy’s Best fan.

Not long after that meeting, we found out Kroger wanted to carry two of the Betsy’s Best products—the Gourmet Almond Butter and Cashew Butter. But it wasn’t until early October that Kroger told us they were going to put these Betsy’s Best products in 1,305 of their stores. The news was so astounding I literally cried tears of joy.

Except for my daughter, I have never been more proud of something I created. Although we’ve been working at this for over three years, the Betsy’s Best adventure is just beginning. We are thrilled you’re along for the ride. If you haven’t tried Betsy’s Best yet, hopefully you’ll be able to buy it at a grocery store near you soon!

Betsy’s Best can now be found in Albertsons, Baker’s, Bristol Farms, Caputo’s, City Markets, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Gerbes, Harris Teeter, Ingles, Jay C, King Soopers, Kroger, Lowes Markets, Mariano’s, Marsh, Owen’s, Pay Less, Plum Market, Ralphs, Ruler Foods, Smith’s, Standard Market, Vons, and Whole Foods Florida. Go to to find Betsy’s Best in a location near you. We are proud of all of our chains and smaller independent retailers!

From Start Up to Success – The Making of Betsy’s Best

Betsy's Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters original farm stand

Everyone wants to know the story behind Betsy’s Best and Betsy, the creator of the Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters. These carefully crafted nut and seed butters were never Betsy’s intention to one day be sold in grocery stores across America. She started making homemade peanut butter in her kitchen as a healthy snack that her daughter could spread across two pieces of bread. For Betsy, making healthy delicious was her mission, and with a fussy 4-year-old, she had her challenge.

Betsy hand selected each ingredient based on the flavor profile, and also added a host of healthy ingredients that could be hidden in every delicious bite. Batch after batch was created in her Vitamix until the recipe was perfected. Even then, when she had a peanut butter her daughter wouldn’t refuse, the thought never crossed her mind that her butters would grace the shelves of grocery stores throughout the country.

It wasn’t until a year later that the opportunity arose to start a company and launch her butters in a local farmer’s market. The company turned into a family affair; her parents, friends, and siblings helped her grind, scoop, pack and sell jars at the farmer’s market in her hometown of Naples, Florida. With an overwhelming response and a tribe of followers, she knew it was time to knock on retailer doors and see if her butters would win the heart of grocery store buyers.

It’s been only four years since Betsy was inspired to whip up a unique peanut butter recipe. In that time, the company has grown from selling at one farmer’s market to over 425 stores within the U.S., with four flavors of gourmet nut and seed butters available. This is not just a business for Betsy—it’s a way to bring delicious, all natural gourmet foods to households across America so families can enjoy a tasty and healthy treat!

A Savory Pair – Cardamom Meets Cashew

With its fun colors, unique flavor, textured crunch, and a spice that is so right, there’s nothing boring about Betsy’s Best. From sweet cinnamon to a savory cardamom, Betsy nailed the BEST nut butter recipe of all! The Gourmet Cashew Butter with Cardamom makes you stop for a moment and re-evaluate what a nut butter is suppose to taste like.

Most nut butter spreads are sweet, but Betsy’s Best wants you to think outside the box on this one. This cashew butter still has the sweet creamy texture, but balances it with pink Himalayan salt and a splash of cardamom that literally makes your first bite pop with flavor. So why cardamom? Betsy isn’t bashful when you ask her this question.

“Functional foods with a fun taste is my mission with each recipe. Cardamom has been used as a medicinal spice for centuries and, much like its sister spice cinnamon, cardamom has an array of health benefits. If you are going to eat something that is healthy, why not be tasty too? You can really have fun with this new cashew butter because the unique flavor lends itself to a whole new array of recipes, applications, and flavors,” says Betsy.

Sure Betsy could have sweetened up this cashew spread like the sister products peanut, almond and sunflower seed butter—all made with cinnamon. But Betsy takes pride in being different and offering a standout flavor. She wants people to take a fresh look at how nut and seed butters should taste and be utilized in the kitchen.

Be sure to visit and check out all of the wonderful recipes that Betsy has created. Here is one from her kitchen that shows you how versatile the new Gourmet Cashew Cardamom Butter can be!

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