How to Eat a Healthy Lunch at Work

How to Eat a Healthy Lunch at Work

If you struggle and wonder how to eat a healthy lunch at work, you are not alone. Finding healthy lunch options from a local restaurant during a half hour lunch break can be nearly impossible. One thing many people are now trying to do is pack a healthy lunch themselves to save money, time and unnecessary congested decision making each day.

A healthy lunch option for work needs to accomplish at least three things.  First it should to be  easily packed, easily stored, and ready to eat after little to no prep work while at the office – aka quick and easy!  Second, it should consist of healthy choices to satisfy the afternoon hunger and give you the healthy boost and balance of energy you need in order to be at your best for the rest of the day.  Third and most important, it needs to be delicious and something you look forward to eating!

Utilizing Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters is a great way to capture all these ideas, creating a healthy and unique lunch.  Here are some healthy lunch combinations using your favorite Betsy’s Best Gourmet Peanut Butter, Seed Butter, Almond Butter or Cashew Butter.

Three Ways To Eat A Healthy Lunch At Work:

Dip It– Fruit and even veggies go great with gourmet nut and seed butters.  This is a great way to increase your veggie and fruit intake while adding protein and fiber to each bite.  You could even make a fruit or hummus dip using Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters!

Spread It– Sure a PB&J is one way to spread your butter, but have you ever thought of spreading it on a rice cake, a whole grain wrap, or even a collard green leaf?

Dress it Up– Garnish a salad with a dressing made from Betsy’s Best!  Make is sweet with the Seed Butter, Peanut Butter or Almond Butter with cinnamon, or savory with the Cashew Cardamom Butter.  The spice adds a zing to those boring greens!

Take it easy the next time you’re trying to decide on your work lunch options. We don’t have a lot of time between variable obligations and often do not have a long lunch break either. Consider packing your healthy lunch with you to take to work so you can save money, save time, and have it all ready to eat for you at the workplace. Keep your options healthy with the help of Betsy’s Best, and you’re going to start loving your healthy lunches at work!

Do you have your own ideas on how to eat a healthy lunch at work? Please share them with us!

Pack the Perfect Picnic

Pack the Perfect Picnic

Finding a way to enjoy the last bit of summer with the family? Why not have a picnic? One of my favorite things to do is to be outside. The fresh air, green grass, beautiful flowers, and an area for us to play with the dog is pure summer bliss. I let my daughter help me pack our picnic basket and snacks.

Our jar of Betsy’s Best is always with us and perfect for dipping those apple and celery slices. Even the dog had a tasty bite of our peanut butter. Here is a way to make sure to keep your picnic healthy with some delicious recipe ideas. What a great way to enjoy the day!

Super Core – Tips To Strengthen Your Abs

Super Core – Tips To Strengthen Your Abs


You may see a lot of “super” hero’s around the neighborhood this month, but those painted on abs on those Halloween costumes signify a strong body. Every mortal human has a core and it is a shame to neglect the powerhouse of your body. The core is one of the most functional parts of your body. It helps you in everything from golf and sports, to prevent back pain and helping with everyday functions.

Betsy’s Best Tips To Strengthen Your Abs

Here are some quick exercises that you can do 3-4 times a week to help build a better core. Do 2-3 sets of each and hold 15-20 seconds.

Airplane – Stand on one leg and extended other leg behind you with arms to side. Lean chest forward and lift leg off of ground. Pull belly tight and squeeze glut muscle. Keep head, hips, and leg all level. Balance and breathe.

Plank – Start on hands and knees. Place hands shoulder width apart and knees hip width apart. Ground toes into floor and pick up knees and extend legs straight. Hold belly tight and keep back level, don’t let your hips drop to the floor. Hold arms steady and breathe.

Superman – This exercise is done starting on your hands and knees. Pull belly tight and extend right arm and left leg level with body and hold, then switch to other hand and opposite leg and hold. Make sure back remains straight and belly tight.


Mom Minded for Mother’s Day 2018

Mom Minded for Mother’s Day 2018

What goes on in the minds of mothers would be an interesting study.  As a mom myself, I know my head is swimming with a million things to do and somehow finding ways to balance it all–family, work, house, cooking, shopping, laundry, walking the dog, carpooling, coffee, coffee, coffee…oh yea, sleep.

As I know, moms are always on the go and often put themselves last.  As children, we don’t see everything that goes into the daily routine of being a mom.  We take it for granted that mom somehow is always there for us.  That is unconditional love, the forever hug, a sense that somehow mom always has our back.

Even as adults we still need our moms and hopefully develope an appreciation for all the hard work that went into those child-rearing years.

This Mother’s Day make mom feel special and create a memory that will last beyond a day.  Sure a gift or flowers is one way to show appreciation, but finding a way to touch her heart and show her just how much we appreciate her love is even better.

Here are some unique ways to show her you care:

Wellness Walk– Fortunately Mother’s Day is in the spring and the weather should be delightful!  Find a park, wellness trail, garden or a river walk and share the beauty of the great outdoors with her.

Legacy Box– Take all those photos and videos of your cherished time together as you were growing up and help her preserve those memories.  Don’t stop with the past but continue to add to the legacy box with new cherished memories.

Plant an Herb Garden– A bouquet of flowers is short lived but a pot of herbs is a gift that keeps on giving.  If your mom has a green thumb and loves to cook, a potted plant of fresh herbs is one way to show you care.

Movie Memory– If you live afar and cannot be with your mom for Mother’s Day, create a movie montage for her to cherish now.  Remember watching those old movies of your mom and you when you were growing up?  She is likely to cherish watching a movie of you now.  Tell her a funny memory from when you were little, or remind her of your most treasured moment with her.  Sometimes all a mom wants to hear is how much you care for her.

The Gift of Good Health– Investing in your mother’s health is the perfect payback for all of those years she made you eat your veggies!!!  Give her a gift certificate to Whole Foods, a meal delivery service for a week or a jar of Gourmet Nut and Seed Butter like Betsy’s Best!!!  I had to add that one idea in there!

So spread the love this Mother’s Day with a gift from the heart.  I know I am “nuts” for my mom and thankful for all that she has taught me.  I am sincerely appreciative of all her love and continued support as I learn the ropes of being a mom myself.

I wish every mom a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Betsy Opyt

2015 Florida Young Mother of the Year

A Spring Fitness Routine to get you Lean

A Spring Fitness Routine to get you Lean

Put a pep in your step this spring and increase your cardio to get lean! Studies show that as little as 2.5 hours of cardio exercise a week is enough to help aid in weight management and decrease risks of heart disease. Exercise should never be a bore nor a chore, and finding the right exercise to fit your needs is key. Sometimes exercise drops to the bottom of the priority list for people with a busy schedule. Realizing that exercise doesn’t have to necessarily be done all at the same time is helpful for those with a crammed schedule. If you have the time to take 4 min of your day to brush your teeth for preventative health, then you have 30 min a day to take time to prevent the decay of your body. These 5 tips below won’t take more then 10 min at a time and can easily be accumulated throughout the day to achieve your 30 min goal. Give them a try and spring into a new fitness routine!

5 tips on how to squeeze in 10 min of cardio

  1. Do a 2 min interval on the treadmill 5 times during your weight training session.
  2. When shopping at Costco, Sam’s Club, or Walmart, do an extra lap around the store, making sure not to stop and shop…or eat the samples!
  3. Got stairs? Got exercise. Make a point to do stair intervals—spend 5 minutes 2-5 times/day going up and down the stairs. Watch your heart rate climb!
  4. Do jumping jacks or walk in place during the 2 min commercials of a TV program
  5. After each meal take a 10 min stroll or bike ride around the block. Walk the dog, walk your spouse, or just walk yourself. The most important thing is to move after you eat!
Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring Clean Your Diet

Trans Fats, saturated fats, sodium – oh my! Do you know what’s lurking in your pantry? Spring is on its way, the flowers are in bloom, the grass is turning greener, and Mother Nature is creating beauty all around us. There’s no better time to spring clean your diet, clear your refrigerator clutter and swap unhealthy products for healthier ones.

Processed foods make up a large portion of grocery store goodies and unfortunately a lot of those unhealthy choices make their way into our homes. You might pass a junk food only once in the grocery store, but you’ll pass it every day at home. If it’s there, you’re going to eventually eat it. This pantry “clean out” is going to help you and your quest for healthier eating.

5 Steps To Spring Clean Your Diet

Step 1: Check the ingredients. Remove any food product containing the words “partially hydrogenated” or “fully hydrogenated” oil. These foods contain trans fats, even though the label claims they have none.

Step 2: Toss any food product that has a calorie content of over 200 calories per serving.

Step 3: Throw out any food product that has over 10 grams of fat per serving.

Step 4: Get rid of any food product that has more then 12 grams of sugar.

Step 5: Chuck canned goods or frozen goods with more than 500mg of sodium.

5 Tips To Stock Your Pantry With Healthy Foods

Now it’s time to stock up! Use these five simple tips for stocking a healthy pantry:

Tip 1: Seek out products that have 200 calories per serving or less.

Tip 2: Look for products that have less than 10 grams of total fat and no “partially hydrogenated” or “fully hydrogenated” oils in the ingredient list.

Tip 3: Find processed products that have less than 300mg of sodium.

Tip 4:
Search for cereals, granola bars, and snack goods that have less than 8 grams of sugar, and yogurts with no more than 12 grams.

Tip 5: Find grain products that have more than 3 grams of fiber and ingredient lists with the words “whole grain” or “100% whole grain.”

Bonus tip: To add some extra goodness to your spring clean out, replace your big-brand peanut butter with a delicious, all-natural, non-GMO gourmet nut or seed butter. Betsy’s Best Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and Sunflower Seed Butter include healthy ingredients that enhance flavor and nutrition. In addition to nut or seed, each serving of Betsy’s Best includes chia seeds, cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt, honey and a touch of pure stevia. Healthy and delicious!