Are you ready to make the best avocado toast you have ever tasted?  Well, it’s super easy to do when you have the versatility of Betsy’s Best Cardamom Cashew Butter in your pantry.  The healthy fats in both avocados and cashews will satisfy you all morning long.  With the amazing flavor of Betsy’ Best you’ll be craving your “avo” toast the very next day. #TasteTheDifference!


2 T Betsy’s Best Cardamom Cashew Butter

1 whole avocado

1 Egg

1 Slices of Whole Grain Bread

Himalayan Pink Salt

Freshly ground pepper


Step By Step Avocado Toast Recipe Directions:

Step 1: Fry the egg in a skillet and break the yolk before turning it over.

Step 2: Pit and thinly slice the avocado. 

Step 3: Toast 1 slice of your favorite whole grain bread.

Step 4: Spread Betsy’s Best Cardamom Cashew Butter onto the toast and place the fried egg on top. 

Step 4: Place the avocado slices on the egg. 

Step 5: Add salt and pepper to your taste preferences. 

Step 6: Sit down with a nice hot cup of coffee and enjoy!

Now that you are done eating your avocado toast, what did you think?  Is this the best avocado toast you have ever tried? For us, it was love at first taste and we hope it was for you, too!! Its flavorful, satisfying and healthy.

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