If you are in the mood for chai spice & everything nice, you’ll love Betsy’s delicious almond butter banana chia smoothie recipe. Combining the great flavor of banana with a healthy spice and of course Betsy’s Best Gourmet Almond Butter, this chai banana chia smoothie recipe will be one of your favorites.

Smoothie Ingredients:

1 T Betsy’s Best Cinnamon Almond Butter

1 cup almond milk or milk alternative

1 medium banana, frozen

¼ cup Yellow Squash

2 medjool dates, pitted

1 Tbsp Hemp Seeds

1 Tbsp chia seeds

½ tsp chai spice (or tea masala, *see recipe below)

1 tsp creamed coconut (or coconut butter)

1 knob fresh ginger, skin removed (approx. 1 tsp)

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth

Chai spice recipe:

2 tsp ground cinnamon

2 tsp ground cloves

2 tsp ground cardamom

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp ground ginger

½ tsp ground white pepper

pinch Himalayan rock salt

Step By Step Almond Butter Banana Chia Smoothie Recipe Directions:

Step 1: Place all smoothie ingredients into your blender.

Step 2: Blend until smooth.

Step 3: Enjoy your almond butter banana chia smoothie!

Perfect as a pick-me-up or afternoon snack, we hope you love this Chai Banana Chia Smoothie recipe. Betsy’s Best Cinnamon Almond Butter makes every smoothie better.  We promise, you’ll #TasteTheDifference!

Did you know Betsy is a registered Dietitian? Read her blogs posts about the health benefits of natural almond butter.

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