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Betsy’s Best Cinnamon Seed Butter

The perfect peanut butter substitute, our gourmet Cinnamon Seed Butter features deliciously natural roasted sunflower seeds mixed into a sweet and flavorful gourmet spread.


  • Delicious, wholesome ingredients in our natural sunflower butter spread
  • Delightful texture
  • Perfect for spreading, dipping, and everything in between

Enhanced with seriously yummy superfood ingredients like cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt, organic honey, and crunchy chia seeds, most people say this is the best sunflower butter they have ever tasted. If your kid loves PB&Js but can’t bring them to school, give Betsy’s Best a try as a healthy substitute. Sunflower seed butter makes for a great seed butter and jelly sandwich. Our seed butter is also great on celery, your favorite whole grain cracker, or straight out of the jar! Get your supply of delicious, nutritious, tasty sunflower seed butter!


  • Net Weight: 16-oz.

More About our Gourmet Cinnamon Sunflower Seed Butter

A Sweet, Low Sugar Treat – Despite its naturally sweet flavor, Betsy’s Best Cinnamon Sunflower Seed Butter has only 4 grams of sugar per serving. Betsy, a registered dietitian, uses a touch of three different all-natural sweeteners – organic honey, demerara sugar, and organic stevia leaf extract. With its sweet taste, but low sugar content Betsy’s Best makes the perfect substitute for high-sugar hazelnut spreads. Give it a try. We bet you’ll taste the difference!

Kids Will Love It – The perfect substitute for nut butters, your children will love the taste of our seed butter and you’ll love its wholesome nutrition! Sunflower seeds are packed with fiber, protein, essential nutrients and healthy fats! Betsy’s Best Cinnamon Sunflower Seed Butter can be put on celery, apple slices, whole grain muffins, mixed into smoothies and so much more. With so many schools banning peanuts, why not make the switch to sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwiches.

Makes Recipes Better – Betsy’s Best Cinnamon Sunflower Seed Butter is a super yummy gourmet ingredient for your favorite recipes. It’s a great alternative to peanut butter and other nut butters. From smoothies and baking, to seed butter and jelly sandwiches, salad dressings and marinades, to cookies and as an ice cream topper, you will truly taste the difference when you use Betsy’s Best.

Best Taste Guarantee – Betsy’s Best Sunflower Seed Butter is a unique and flavorful spread. Our fans absolutely love it, but each person has their own preferences. That’s why we offer you an exclusive 60-day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with our seed butter, please contact us and we will arrange a replacement, substitute, or full refund.

If you have any questions or comments, please call us at (888) 685‑8292

Betsy’s Best is All-Natural, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, and Low in Sugar

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Totally Addictive!

August 14, 2018

I have never loved nut/seed butters until I tried this! I have to admit I eat it straight out of the jar for a sweet treat- totally addictive in the best way. Delicious, high quality product that I don’t feel bad about eating 🙂 Love that it is has a little crunch/texture.

Cheryl Leahy

Tasty Treat!

August 11, 2018

Falling in love with Betsy’s Almond and Peanut Butters, this seed butter will put a smile on your face. I really enjoyed using this product for smoothies, and eating a spoonful with a banana at breakfast time. Just like it’s counterparts, the texture derived from the additional chia seeds, sugar, and salt is supremely addicting. If Betsy’s were available at the local store, I would purchase as often as I could get my hands on it. For now, I’ll have to settle for the little splurging moments here and there. So glad to have been introduced to this product!



June 12, 2018

Love that it is GMO FREE!!!! Makes me happier and feel better about feeding it to my kids.



June 6, 2018

I love that they are very smooth, not grainy like other brands. The seeds are a perfect amount of texture.


It's So Good!

April 27, 2018

I have never tasted any seed butter ever like this. It satisfies a sweet tooth as well. It’s so delicious that you better be careful because you might eat too much of it. I for sure will buy more


Almost Perfect!

March 14, 2018

Hello, We love your seed butters! We see that you use Honey and Stevia, why the Demerara sugar? In fact, as much as we love honey with 42% of the country now manifesting or dealing with Diabetes, why not a line of just Stevia? It is so challenging for the 42% of the population to find products like your unsurpassed quality sweetened with just Stevia. Thank you.

Bill D.

Why the Added Sugar

September 27, 2017

I cannot have your product. Why do you add all the different sweetners? Especially the demerara sugar?

Mary Bungert

New Taste

June 19, 2017

This is totally different from other type of butter products. A new and exciting taste with creamy texture. Great with crackers and fruits. A less sugar product.


Different But Great

June 10, 2017

I’ve never had a seed butter made from sunflower seeds but this was a nice surprise. It surprisingly went well with what crackers and apple slices.

Amber Stewart

Best Non Nut Butter

April 26, 2017

I love the sunflower and chia seed butter! It has an unique texture, but tastes awesome! My favorite food since I was little has always been peanut butter, but it can trigger really bad migraines. This stuff doesn’t, but I still get the same texture and similar flavor that I love, along with chia that I absolutely love on it’s own, but in seed butter is amazing! Highly recommend on toast or with bananas or even a spoonful as a tasty treat!

Dani Christenson

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