Cinnamon is a superfood spice and a key ingredient in Betsy's Best Peanut Butter

What Are The Health Benefits of Cinnamon?

What are the health benefits of cinnamon? Like all of our nut and seed butter ingredients, we didn’t add cinnamon in there just because it’s spicy and delicious. There are lots of amazing health benefits as well. Cinnamon dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt and is mentioned numerous times in historical texts. It was so highly-prized in ancient times, it was considered a gift fit for monarchs and even gods. Why did our ancestors love it so much? Maybe they knew it was a great way to help regulate blood sugar, helpful for diabetes and hypoglycemia. Maybe they used it to reduce LDL cholesterol and arthritis pain. Maybe they liked that it contained fiber, calcium, iron and manganese. Or maybe they just thought it was a super tasty treat! Whatever their reasons, we love it in our nut and seed butters for its great health benefits, and the sweet and spicy kick it adds to every mouthful.

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