Hello, almond butter lovers, and welcome back to Betsy’s Best blog! If you’re just joining us, you will be delighted to find that we have been looking at some traditional and adventurous ways to enjoy eating all-natural almond butter. Sure, you can always spread almond butter on a piece of toast or an English muffin to give your breakfast some excitement, but why not break out of the box and try something new? When I am playing around with flavors for my all-natural nut butters, I like to think of all the possibilities for how these yummy spreads can be enjoyed. So today, I will continue sharing with you all of my favorite ways to eat natural almond butter by combining this delicious spread with all my favorite foods — some that may surprise you!

If you would like to fill a pantry full of Betsy’s Best gourmet almond butter, or at least get your hands on one or two jars, visit Betsy’s Best online to purchase a variety of natural, healthful nut butters, shop us on Amazon, or find us in your local supermarket. Please continue reading below.

Fun Ways To Enjoy All-Natural Almond Butter

Almond Butter Pumpkin Blondie

I know summer is just beginning, but that doesn’t mean pumpkin isn’t good all year long. If you love pumpkin-flavored anything and can’t wait until fall for all the pumpkin-themed foods and drinks to come out, give yourself a healthy pumpkin fix with my Almond Butter Pumpkin Blondies. This gluten-free treat is delicious and can make any summer day feel like fall.

Cinnamon Almond Butter Hand Pies

Looking for something fun and unique to make for the Fourth of July? What’s more American than an apple pie? An apple hand pie made with Betsy’s Best 100 percent natural almond butter! These are easy to make, easy to eat, and will fill everyone’s tummies with patriotic cheer at your Fourth of July barbecue.



Mix Into Greek Yogurt

For some, Greek yogurt delivers a tart flavor, making it difficult to enjoy this simple, healthy snack. Add in some almond butter to not only soften the tartness, but which will also pack an extra a protein punch to fuel your day.

Stuffed Strawberries

Liven up your sweet, delicious strawberries by filling them with chocolate almond butter mixed with honey and a dash of sea salt. These are a healthy, sweet snack for the whole family!

Make an ABJ

Put a new twist on an old favorite! When making a light lunch, replace your all-natural peanut butter with natural almond butter and combine with your favorite all-natural fruit spread.

Get All-Natural Almond Butter

Whichever of these tasty treats you choose to try, you’ll want to enjoy them with Betsy’s Best natural almond butter that features a hint of cinnamon. My almond butter is made with all-natural, gluten-free ingredients like almonds, honey, sunflower oil, and more. Visit Betsy’s Best to shop our online store, shop us on Amazon, or find our nut butters stocked in your local grocery store. Get yours today!

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