All About Natural Almond Butter

Welcome to Betsy’s blog about natural almond butter!  Almonds are an amazing superfood and when they are churned into a butter they become so versatile.  Whether you want to use it in a classic PB&J, smoothie, or salad dressing natural almond butters offer amazing health benefits. From better looking hair, help with weight loss, and improved heart health making almond butter a regular part of your diet is a great idea.

Betsy’s Best biggest seller is our natural almond butter.  While it is all-natural, it is loaded with gourmet superfood ingredients that include cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt, organic honey, and chia seeds. Unlike so many natural almond butters, Betsy’s Best is not boring.  Its sweet and salty taste usually means it is #LoveAtFirstTaste! Having a low-sugar, natural almond butter choice that you crave means you will be more likely to also enjoy the health benefits of almonds!

As a registered Dietitian, making sure people enjoy all-natural foods is very important to Betsy.  After all, if natural foods taste great more people will eat them regularly and enjoy their health benefits. She is a great resource for learning about the health benefits of natural almond butter.  

Here are Betsy’s blogs about natural almond butter and their health benefits:

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