With its fun colors, unique flavor, textured crunch, and a spice that is so right, there’s nothing boring about Betsy’s Best. From sweet cinnamon to a savory cardamom, Betsy nailed the BEST nut butter recipe of all! The Gourmet Cashew Butter with Cardamom makes you stop for a moment and re-evaluate what a nut butter is suppose to taste like.

Most nut butter spreads are sweet, but Betsy’s Best wants you to think outside the box on this one. This cashew butter still has the sweet creamy texture, but balances it with pink Himalayan salt and a splash of cardamom that literally makes your first bite pop with flavor. So why cardamom? Betsy isn’t bashful when you ask her this question.

“Functional foods with a fun taste is my mission with each recipe. Cardamom has been used as a medicinal spice for centuries and, much like its sister spice cinnamon, cardamom has an array of health benefits. If you are going to eat something that is healthy, why not be tasty too? You can really have fun with this new cashew butter because the unique flavor lends itself to a whole new array of recipes, applications, and flavors,” says Betsy.

Sure Betsy could have sweetened up this cashew spread like the sister products peanut, almond and sunflower seed butter—all made with cinnamon. But Betsy takes pride in being different and offering a standout flavor. She wants people to take a fresh look at how nut and seed butters should taste and be utilized in the kitchen.

Be sure to visit betsysbest.com and check out all of the wonderful recipes that Betsy has created. Here is one from her kitchen that shows you how versatile the new Gourmet Cashew Cardamom Butter can be!

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