Betsy's Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters original farm stand

Everyone wants to know the story behind Betsy’s Best and Betsy, the creator of the Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters. These carefully crafted nut and seed butters were never Betsy’s intention to one day be sold in grocery stores across America. She started making homemade peanut butter in her kitchen as a healthy snack that her daughter could spread across two pieces of bread. For Betsy, making healthy delicious was her mission, and with a fussy 4-year-old, she had her challenge.

Betsy hand selected each ingredient based on the flavor profile, and also added a host of healthy ingredients that could be hidden in every delicious bite. Batch after batch was created in her Vitamix until the recipe was perfected. Even then, when she had a peanut butter her daughter wouldn’t refuse, the thought never crossed her mind that her butters would grace the shelves of grocery stores throughout the country.

It wasn’t until a year later that the opportunity arose to start a company and launch her butters in a local farmer’s market. The company turned into a family affair; her parents, friends, and siblings helped her grind, scoop, pack and sell jars at the farmer’s market in her hometown of Naples, Florida. With an overwhelming response and a tribe of followers, she knew it was time to knock on retailer doors and see if her butters would win the heart of grocery store buyers.

It’s been only four years since Betsy was inspired to whip up a unique peanut butter recipe. In that time, the company has grown from selling at one farmer’s market to over 425 stores within the U.S., with four flavors of gourmet nut and seed butters available. This is not just a business for Betsy—it’s a way to bring delicious, all natural gourmet foods to households across America so families can enjoy a tasty and healthy treat!

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