What makes Betsy’s nut butters so unique and tasty? The answer is the ingredients used. Not only does Betsy use the healthiest, all natural ingredients, but she also incorporates the spices that are oh so nice – cinnamon and cardamom. Why does she do this? Well, believe it or not these spices can improve quality of life and make you more healthy….all the while tasting delicious!

The Best Plant Based Protein Sources Include All-Natural Roasted AlmondsCINNAMON

One of cinnamon’s main benefits is that it is a wonderful antioxidant. Antioxidants are important as they counteract harmful free radicals that intrude the body.  Free radicals are nasty, uncharged particles that hurt the body. Nobody wants these unpleasant things invading the body!  Cinnamon is packed full of anti-inflammatory properties, can lower the risk for heart disease, and can help regulate blood sugar! Go cinnamon!


With being related to the ginger family, one of cardamom’s main qualities is its ability to offset digestive problems. No one Betsy's Best Cardamom Cashew Butter is loaded with superfood ingredientslikes to have a bloated and achy stomach. Who knew cardamom could help ease the discomfort? This commonly used Indian spice can serve as a detoxifier to eliminate toxins in the body through the kidneys. Relieving cold symptoms, lowering blood pressure and helping to protect against cancer are some additional tools this wonderful spice has in its toolbox!


When cooking, baking or doing anything with these spices, you are bound to fall in love with the yummy aroma emitted and the delectable flavor created. That is why Betsy uses cinnamon in her peanut, seed and award-winning almond butter and cardamom in her cashew butter. These spices can add the “icing on top of the cake” for some recipes! You can add cinnamon and cardamom in marinades, soups, sauces, cakes or anything you want to add a touch of “nice” to. Next time you try cinnamon or cardamom, let us know what you think of these spices that are oh so nice!!

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