Are you asking “What are the health benefits of cashews?”

As the second largest crop in the world next to almonds, cashews are big on flavor and bold in nutrition. As a raw nut, cashews have a delicious creamy flavor; roasting cashews heightens the flavor and increases the levels of beneficial antioxidants. Once blended into nut butter, cashews go from tasty to amazing. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein, cashew nuts protect the heart and help with vision. As a snack or a special ingredient at mealtime, cashew butter is an ingredient that is delectable and delightful.

Cashews have been known as a delicacy for years and still remain one of the most expensive yet healthiest nuts. Cashews are quickly becoming the new trendy nut and we can see why! The new “skinny” on this nut is that it has one of the lowest fat content in the nut category with 66% of the fat coming from mono-unsaturated fats similar to the content in olive oil. They are also abundant in copper, selenium, vitamin E and other minerals and antioxidants similar to other nuts. At Betsy’s Best we feel gourmet eating a nut with this much flavor and class!

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