Being a wiz in the kitchen and cooking healthy doesn’t take a trip to culinary school. Learning how to be resourceful, creative and clever is the name of the game when it comes to eating right. Here are some of our favorite quick tips and tricks to make cooking fresh, fun and healthy!

Betsy’s Best Tips for Creatively Cooking Healthy

SOAK BITTER GREENS Give those bitter greens a bath! Soak your greens in a bath of ice water in the fridge for 1 hour to make them come to life and take the “bitter” out of the bite.

NUT-TING HEALTHY Replace breadcrumbs in any dish with ground nuts for a healthy crunch in each bite. Or top soup with a dollop of cashew cream to get the richness and texture of a cream soup without all that cholesterol and saturated fat. For more healthy and tasty nut recipes check out Betsy’s Best Eat at Home Recipes!.

JAMMIN’ IN A JAR Have you ever heard of a Jamminagrette? Don’t let that last spoon of jam go to waste! Add equal parts oil and vinegar to a jar and give it a shake. Your salad will thank you.

BOUQUET OF HEALTH Store fresh cut herbs just like you would a bouquet of flowers. A jar with water on the countertop will keep them hydrated. Just snip to get cooking!

FREEZER FRESH Freezing fresh ginger keeps it fresh for months. You can also grate ginger while frozen to garnish smoothies or soups.

OOOO-ONIONS While sautéing onions, throw in a pinch of baking soda. It cuts the cooking time in half and speeds up the browning process.

MASSAGE & MASH Mash a banana to make a quick puree for any dish. For a fresh, easy to digest, tender kale salad, massage fresh kale with a sprinkle of sea salt for 2 minutes to gently wilt the leaves.

CUBE TO-DO Get creative with ice cube trays! Add a few frozen blueberries or lemon slivers to cubes before you freeze to make a refreshing treat. Puree fresh fruit or veggies and pour them into cubes for a quick flick into a smoothie. Add broth to the ice cube trays and store for broth base, or use in place of oil when sautéing. You can also freeze cubes of coffee to give breakfast smoothies a kick.

Start using these creative tips in your kitchen and you will soon see that cooking healthy is a snap!

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