We didn’t choose Himalayan Pink Salt for our Betsy’s Best products just because of its pretty pink color. There’s a reason we season our products with this beautifully colored crystal!

Why is Himalayan Pink Salt Better For You Than Regular Salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt is known as the purest salt on earth. In fact, it’s been protected deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountains for over 250 million years! Although it has the same sodium content as table salt (meaning it’s no better for blood pressure levels) Himalayan Pink Salt has a few key things traditional table salt lacks:

  • Nutritional benefits
  • Superior texture and flavor – all of which are thanks to the way sea salt is extracted from the earth.

Unlike Himalayan Pink Salt, after traditional table salt is mined from deposits in the earth, it’s heavily processed and stripped of all its minerals. “Anti-caking” agents are then added to prevent the salt from clumping together. On the other hand, Himalayan Pink Salt requires very minimal processing, which preserves the salt’s natural texture, flavor and 84 nourishing minerals.

Why Betsy Chose Himalayan Pink Salt For Her Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters

The main reason Himalayan Pink Salt has graced Betsy’s Best products is because of its minimal processing; this savory salt remains more coarse and flavorful than traditional table salt, and in turn, is more satisfying to the taste buds. Himalayan Pink Salt is the perfect pair for the sweet flavor of Betsy’s Best. The combination of salty and sweet makes quite the treat!

Now you know how much thought went into choosing the perfect salt for our nut & seed butters. Himalayan Pink Salt isn’t just delicious, it’s nutritious too!

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