It is a known fact that you can walk into a grocery store and find almost every type of fruit and vegetable available no matter if it is locally out of season. We eat kiwi from Italy, grapes from Mexico, clementines from Argentina, and apples from Chili. A lot of our produce is imported, but there are still local farmers growing produce for our local markets and farmers markets. Here is a guide to help you in your quest for buying your produce locally in the peak of it’s season.

Remember to get 2-3 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables a day to help keep your body healthy. Fruits make a wonderful snack or treat for dessert, and vegetables should accompany every meal. We love to pair our Betsy’s Best with many fruits such as pears, apples, bananas, and even strawberries. It is also delicious to dip celery and carrots into Betsy’s Best! Produce is the perfectly packaged quick snack, and more nourishing than something that would come in a package or with a wrapper.

Here’s a snack that packs a powerful punch–Nutty-licious Kale Chips. Try this recipe and those unhealthy chips will become a thing of the past!

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