Betsy Opyt’s Wellness Tips

Some things seem like tips you should know when it comes to healthy living. Yet, we always need a reminder when it comes to wellness and living a healthier lifestyle. Plus, often there are tips you might not know about – those that are based on science and knowledge from doctors, dieticians, and research. And since Betsy herself is a registered dietician, we’re all about health and wellness.

Here are a few wellness tips that may just change your life. At the very least, you’ll know more about making the right choices.

Don’t Drink Your Sugar

Sugar is pretty much empty calories in the first place and sugary drinks should be skipped. They are actually one of the most high-calorie, fattening things you can drink. There’s a reason for that too. It turns out that while sugar isn’t good for you in foods, it’s worse in drinks because our brains do not measure calories from liquid sugar the same that it does for solid foods. And don’t think we just mean sodas either. Fruit juices often add tons of processed sugar to make them tastier, but they are not good for you even though they may sound it. Look for fruit juices without any extras if you want to drink a healthy drink.

Nuts Are Your Friend

We’re nuts about nuts – we use them in our nut butters like our cashew butter, almond butter, and peanut butter. While nuts have a high fat content, it’s the good kind. So in moderation, nuts are one of the healthiest things you can eat. They’re a superfood and have plenty of magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, and various other nutrients. There are tons of studies done on nuts and it has been found that nuts may help with type 2 diabetes and might boost the metabolism. One thing for sure is that your body doesn’t absorb 10–15 percent of the calories in nuts so that’s like free calories!

Eat Whole Foods

Sure, that’s the name of a popular grocer but it’s a helpful tip on nutrition too. According to Sonima:

It’s all about focusing your diet around one-ingredient whole foods—a full apple, an avocado. Eating foods in their original state helps your body naturally detoxify, manage blood sugar levels, and fill up without overdoing it. Simplicity is key. Focus on recipes such as salads, soups, and bowls that call for whole foods that promote both health, well-being, and longevity.

No Processed Foods

White sugar is a processed food and we know that it’s not the best for us. The same goes for other processed foods. Some studies show that processed foods are a part of the obesity epidemic. Keep in mind that many years ago, people didn’t eat processed foods and it seems that they were in better shape for it. The reason processed foods are bad is that one thing they do is fool your brain. They trigger the pleasure center and this causes people to overeat. For some people, this may even be the cause of food addiction. Add in the fact that they are low in things like protein, fiber, and micro-nutrients yet high in refined sugar and grains – and it’s a combination that is unhealthy.

Sleep Is Important

One thing that most people do not get enough of is sleep. According to Sleep Education, there are three primary factors in our sleep habits – quantity, quality, and regularity. Healthy sleep does things like allow us to be more alert, promotes mental health, and helps improve focus and memory. It is even been shown that not enough sleep promotes health issues like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Make sure you are getting restful sleep and enough of it.

Drink Enough Water

Everyone knows that water is important but often we do not drink enough of it. It has a wealth of health benefits including the ability to boost burned calories. Drink water throughout the day but about a half hour before meals is important to help aid in weight loss.

Get Enough Exercise

Exercise is important – that’s a given. But making it fun can be the start of living a healthier lifestyle. Cardio is important for a healthy body and mind but you can incorporate that into what it is that you enjoy. Whether it’s bike riding, swimming, Zumba at the gym, or running – choose what you enjoy and you’ll be more likely to keep up with doing it. Another helpful hint is that after you do something long enough, like an exercise program, it eventually becomes a habit. And exercise is one of the best habits to have.

Create Smart Habits

Speaking of habits, make some good ones. Start that exercise program and stick with it. Try to go a week without fast food and then do it for two weeks and so on. Cook healthy foods once or twice a week then add in more days until you are eating healthy foods all the time. Go to bed an hour earlier each night. All of these are just examples of what you can do to create healthy habits that are good for your wellness. No one can automatically learn a new lifestyle but by making a start and trying to do more each time, you create the right kind of habits.

We Care About Nutrition and Wellness

Here are Betsy’s Best, we care about nutrition and wellness. That is why our nut and seed butters only have the best, natural ingredients. We take pride in making our butters craveable, nutritious, and full of healthy ingredients like Himalayan pink salt, organic honey, cinnamon, Demerara sugar, and organic stevia leaf extract. Betsy, a registered dietitian, is able to offer a tantalizingly sweet treat that is healthy for your whole family.



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