Put a pep in your step this spring and increase your cardio to get lean! Studies show that as little as 2.5 hours of cardio exercise a week is enough to help aid in weight management and decrease risks of heart disease. Exercise should never be a bore nor a chore, and finding the right exercise to fit your needs is key. Sometimes exercise drops to the bottom of the priority list for people with a busy schedule. Realizing that exercise doesn’t have to necessarily be done all at the same time is helpful for those with a crammed schedule. If you have the time to take 4 min of your day to brush your teeth for preventative health, then you have 30 min a day to take time to prevent the decay of your body. These 5 tips below won’t take more then 10 min at a time and can easily be accumulated throughout the day to achieve your 30 min goal. Give them a try and spring into a new fitness routine!

5 tips on how to squeeze in 10 min of cardio

  1. Do a 2 min interval on the treadmill 5 times during your weight training session.
  2. When shopping at Costco, Sam’s Club, or Walmart, do an extra lap around the store, making sure not to stop and shop…or eat the samples!
  3. Got stairs? Got exercise. Make a point to do stair intervals—spend 5 minutes 2-5 times/day going up and down the stairs. Watch your heart rate climb!
  4. Do jumping jacks or walk in place during the 2 min commercials of a TV program
  5. After each meal take a 10 min stroll or bike ride around the block. Walk the dog, walk your spouse, or just walk yourself. The most important thing is to move after you eat!
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