You CHOOSE to lose! Those little bite size treats look harmless, but weeks of treats will haunt you for life.  Often these chocolates and candies are loaded with sugar, fats, high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils.  Most of these bite size critters will cost you at least 100 calories and leave you craving more.  A diet disaster is waiting for you at the end of the candy bowl.  This Halloween make a point to do things a little different and not only help improve your health, but the health of those cute little trick-or-treaters who come lurking at your door.

Five Halloween Tips For Parents:

  • Do NOT start buying your Halloween candy at the beginning of the month when the stores start putting out the displays.  If you are buying candy, buy the day of Halloween so you won’t be tempted by the treats all month.
  • Try buying a candy that you don’t like and buy in smaller quantities
  • Buy something healthy or non-candy such as: granola bars, boxes of raisins, small bags of carrots, crayons, toothbrushes, play dough, stickers, or quarters (who doesn’t love money!)
  • If there is a candy bowl at work place a fresh fruit bowl right next to the candy bowl and remind yourself that the little 2” candy bar has 100 calories compared to the small apple which has only 60 calories and 3 grams of fiber.
  • For the 30 seconds of gratification and 100 calories from just one Halloween candy you will have to either sweep the floors or wash the car for 30 min, or take a 25 min bike ride, power walk for 20 min, climb stairs for 15 min, or jog around the block for 10 min!  Is it worth it?

Instead of filling the bags of those cute Trick or Treaters with candy to rot the teeth, fuel them with something healthy!  Our Itsy Bitsy Betsy’s are the perfect treat without any tricks!  Happy Halloween!

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