The first Mother’s Day was in 1914, and since then it’s the day we celebrate the women who gave us life, and continue to give us support and endless love. Mother’s Day is May 8, and the perfect time to pay tribute to all mothers, especially YOUR mom for all she has done for you.

Betsy Opyt, 2015 Florida Young Mother of the YearThe American Mother’s Organization is the official sponsor of the national observance of Mother’s Day. In 2015, Betsy’s Best creator Betsy Opyt was selected as Florida’s Young Mother of the year by this organization. She traveled to Washington D.C. for the American Mother’s National Conference last May, where she was surrounded by other state and nationally recognized Mothers of Achievement.

It is great to know that such an organization continues to recognize mothers who make a difference, but there are so many deserving mothers out there who are making a difference every day in their families, children, and community. If you know a mother who is worthy, whether she is your mother or someone else’s, show her your appreciation and love. Give her a call, send a gift, plan a day together, or make her a meal. Here’s a recipe you can create for your mom using our new Gourmet Cashew CardaMOM Butter—an ingredient every MOM will enjoy!


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