Anytime you travel it’s important to know how to eat healthy on the go.  Betsy, a registered Dietitian and busy food entrepreneur, is an expert at eating well and staying fit no matter what city she is in.  With a few quick tips you can become an expert, too!

The Holidays Are An Especially Tough Time For Healthy Eating On The Go

As the holidays roll around so do the wheels on the car. Whether you fly or drive, traveling during the holidays is most often a necessary evil. But however you travel, don’t leave your healthy eating habits at home!

As you pack your bags, take a moment to plan your snacks before you go. Gas stations, fast food restaurants and airports leave a lot to be desired if you are looking for something healthy, and they’re also expensive. Fatten up that wallet and slim down your waist by taking a few moments to plan those meals while you are on the go. Here are some traveling tips to keep you fit as you hit the road this season.

5 Tips For How To Eat Healthy On The Go

Tip #1: Snack Smart

Pack for that snack attack! Don’t let hunger drive you to a quick fix at the vending machine. Packing a healthy snack in advance will keep you from reaching for the bag of chips offered on the plane, the candy bar at the gas station or the donut at the coffee shop. Pack an apple, a bag of carrots and celery, or a healthy harvest trail mix for a quick snack on the go.

Tip #2: Smart Phone for Smart Meals

There are a dozen apps that take the guesswork out of eating healthy on the road. Download these three apps and plan the places to eat in the cities you visit.

Tip #3: Map your Meals

Just as you plan your route or schedule your flight, you should also map your meals. Don’t skip meals because you get off schedule. Would you miss a flight or skip a turn on the road on your way to your destination? Definitely not. The same schedule and plan of eating rules should apply. Stick to eating every 3-4 hours to make it to your health destination.

Tip #4: Fill up on Fluids

It is extremely easy to become dehydrated on the road, especially if you are flying. Carrying a water bottle may seem like a hassle, but staying hydrated will help with hunger and keep your body balanced and your skin looking good. It is easy to mistake hunger for dehydration, so drink up to stay slim.

Tip #5: Stop the Splurge

It is ok to treat yourself to something special when you travel. After all, you are on vacation! But don’t let the splurge spin you out of control. Find a balance when you treat yourself to the ice cream cone, Aunt Mary’s pecan pie or the extra helping at the buffet table. If you eat more than you should, move more or be mindful of your other food choices that day. Don’t practice the “what the heck” syndrome and give up on your health habits when traveling, then plan to get “back on track” when you return. You will be several steps ahead of the game if you practice portion control and stick to your plan when you are away.

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