Are you on the move enough to reach your fitness goals? Do you know that less than 16% of Americans get the exercise they need?  In the course of an average day, how much exercise or activity do you get

Our Kids Aren’t Exercising Enough Either

About 75% of children age 10-17 are physically active at least 3 days a week and that number drops dramatically to just 35% by high school age.  With obesity on the rise and exercise at an ultimate low, is there hope for a healthy nation?  Where did we go wrong? Is it the advancement of technology and convenience, the lack of physical exercise in schools and the workforce, or just the laziness of Americans and lack of motivation? Maybe it’s a combination of all three, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Three Fast Ways To Get More Exercise

  • Make it a point to walk just 10 min after each meal
  • Park further from the entrance at the store or office, or
  • Take a walk while talking on the phone. 

All of these little movements will add up over time and help you shed the waistline.  

On top of the increased activity, you also need to schedule time to exercise the body.  Exercise is like flossing the joints.  It’s like brushing your teeth—you don’t walk out the door in the morning without brushing, so don’t go through the day without exercising your body.  It is just as much prevention of illness as brushing your teeth prevents cavities.

Check this great fitness on the move video for tips on how to incorporate a short exercise routine that you can easily squeeze into your busy day:

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