Salt can be very helpful and healing – outside the body, or in limited amounts in the food we eat.  Here is the problem! Way too many packaged foods and restaurants load their foods with refined sodium.

Facts About Sodium Consumption in America

Did you know that excessive salt really weakens you blood vessels? In fact, the average American consumes 3600-4800mg/day, exceeding the recommended 2000-2400mg/day. Yikes! The majority of salt doesn’t come from your seasoning cabinet, but rather the processed foods we eat. Here are some local restaurant stats to prove it:

Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Salad4,150 mg
CPK Mushroom & Pepperoni Pizza3,230 mg
Season’s 52 BBQ Chicken Salad1,450 mg
Season’s 52 Ahi Tuna Tartar2,030 mg
California Pizza BBQ Chicken Salad1,800 mg

Wait, there are salads in there! So, how do we fix this?

How To Reduce Salt Intake

Eat fresh, whole foods. Buy the raw products and make your own dressings, salsa, pasta sauce, etc. That way, you can control your intake and protect your health.

Not All Salts Are Created Equal

It’s time to throw away that old-fashioned table salt.  Instead, buy Himalayan pink salt.  You can even buy it in convenient grinder canisters.  This salt is unrefined. It is millions of year’s old and loaded with healthy minerals.  Because it is so flavorful you will only need to grind a tiny amount onto your food to get the salty flavor you want.

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