Halloween is over and the sugar splurge has ended….or has it??? What you don’t know IS hurting you or, better yet, hindering you from reaching your weight goals. What lurks in the foods you eat will surprise you. Some “health” foods are a real trick…and have more sugar than that little a Halloween treat!

Think you are eating healthy? Think again! These 10 foods below ALL have more sugar than a Krispy Kream doughnut (which contains 10 g of sugar):

10 Health Foods With Too Much Sugar – Buyer Beware!

  • Luna Bar: 11 g sugar
  • Grande Starbucks latte: 17 g sugar
  • Subway 6” teriyaki chicken: 17 g sugar
  • Orange juice 8 oz: 22 g sugar
  • Yoplait original: 27 g sugar
  • Vitamin Water, 20 oz: 33g sugar
  • California Pizza Kitchen Thai salad: 45 g sugar
  • Odwalla superfood smoothie, 12 oz: 50 g sugar
  • Post Raisin Bran, 1c: 19 g sugar
  • Talenti Gelato, Mango 4 oz: 33 g sugar

At Betsy’s Best we do have a sweet tooth and love our nut and seed butters with a hint of sweetness. However our creator Betsy, being a dietitian, wouldn’t allow a sugar laden butter to cross her lips. For a 2 T serving our nut and seed butters have 3 g sugar, way below many of the products you see above. Betsy’s Best sweetness also comes from natural sugars such as honey and demerara (an unprocessed form of sugar with minerals intact). We add an organic stevia leaf without any fillers to heighten the sweetness without the extra sugar grams or calories. So you can be a Betsy’s Best lover without the guilt!

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