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Bahama Mama Smoothie

Bahama Mama Smoothie

A cool and refreshing smoothie recipe, this Bahama Mama twist will have you thinking of sinking your feet in the sand and kicking back to relax under an umbrella.  The blend of pineapple, coconut, and strawberries will have you sipping away into the sunset!   ...

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Toasted Coconut Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Toasted Coconut Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Is there a better way to start off a summer morning than with a toasted coconut orange creamsicle smoothie? If it is made with Betsy's Best Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter the undisputed answer is "no."  This tropical smoothie recipe features a delicious and creamy...

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Betsy’s Best Healthy Green Goddess Smoothie

Betsy’s Best Healthy Green Goddess Smoothie

Oh my green goodness!!! Betsy's healthy green goddess smoothie recipe is a real treat. Whether you love vegetables or not, Betsy's refreshing drink will supercharge your body with superfood ingredients that include chia seeds, spinach, avocado, coconut, and cashews....

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Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter Dipped Popsicles

Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter Dipped Popsicles

Summer just got a whole lot tastier with this easy and fun recipe for dipped popsicles.  Featuring Betsy's Best Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter and your favorite popsicle you will be saying it was #LoveAtFirstTaste! Here at Betsy;s Best we love Yasso frozen yogurt...

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Pina Colada Sandwich – A Twist on the Classic PB&J

Pina Colada Sandwich – A Twist on the Classic PB&J

With Betsy's pina colada sandwich, your peanut butter and jelly expectations will soar.  Featuring her Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter, banana, pineapple and pineapple jelly every bite will send your taste buds on a tropical vacation.  Betsy is confident this gourmet...

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Betsy’s Favorite Recipes

Peanut Butter & Jelly Quesadilla

This peanut butter and jelly quesadilla recipe takes the classic PB&J to the next level. Healthy and gluten-free, it’s sure to be an instant hit at your kitchen table.

2 6-inch tortillas (whole wheat or gluten free)
1 banana, sliced thin
2 Tbsp Betsy’s Best Gourmet Peanut Butter
1 Tbsp apricot jam
1 oz Manchego cheese, shredded
1 Tbsp hemp seeds
Cooking spray or oil
Preheat griddle or pan and spray with non-stick cooking spray or lightly drizzle with oil.

Place half of Betsy’s Best Gourmet Peanut Butter on each tortilla and spread to the edges. Arrange banana slices on top of the peanut butter on one tortilla. Top with jam, spreading thinly to cover banana. Sprinkle cheese evenly over jam. Top with the second tortilla, peanut butter side down. Cook quesadilla until both sides are golden. Remove from pan and cut into 4 triangles.

You’re going to love it when the kids devour this healthy peanut butter and jelly quesadilla and then beg you for more!

Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe

We go coco for chocolate and coconut!  This delicious and healthy dessert uses a gluten-free chocolate muffin from Soozy’s along with our delicious Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter Chia Pudding.  Such an amazing treat minus the guilt and it’s even vegan-friendly!

Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe (will yield 2 servings)

Parfait Toppers:

Recipe Directions:

Simply mix the ingredients together, and let them rest for a few moments. Stir the mix well with a fork every five minutes or so. At first, it’ll seem far too liquified, but over the course of thirty minutes the chia seeds will plump up until the pudding resembles tapioca pudding.

To assemble parfait, cut muffin in half and place the bottom half in a 4 oz mason jar.  Slice strawberries thin and layer around the side of the jar.  Layer with 1 T Betsy’s Best Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter and then add 1/4 c of chia pudding and top with the top of the muffin.  Garnish with a dollop of Betsy’s Best and a strawberry.

Harvest Trail Mix

As the fall harvest comes to an end celebrate the holidays and stay healthy with this delicious homemade Harvest Trail Mix recipe. Featuring the healthy fats of your favorite nuts, nut butters and fall flavors like pumpkin and cranberry, it is sure to please.

Harvest Trail Mix ingredients

  • 1/2 c pecans
  • 1/2 c cashews
  • 1/2 c peanuts
  • 1/2 c dried cranberries
  • 1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 Tbsp of your favorite Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut or Seed Butter
  • 1/2 c white chocolate chips

Recipe Directions

In a bowl combine all the nuts and cranberries. In a microwaveable safe bowl melt chocolate at 50% power for 1 min.

Stir until chocolate is melted and there are no lumps. Add spice and Betsy’s Best and stir to combine. Pour chocolate over nuts and toss.

Place on wax paper and spread out to allow to cool and harden. Place in airtight container and enjoy!

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