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Demerara Sugar

A touch of demerara sugar is used to slightly sweeten Betsy's Best

What is demerara sugar?

Not all sugar is created equal, and, like many other foods, the quality depends on how it is harvested and processed. Sugar has been given a bad reputation even though there are natural sugars in almost every food. Demerara is one of the only sugar forms that ensures the most minimally processed technique, allowing minerals and flavor to remain intact. The first crystal cycle of processing fresh cane into sugar crystals is where the Demerara sugar process stops. Most other white and bleached sugars undergo several cycles until it becomes snow white, finer in texture, and more easily dissolvable. Popular in European countries more than the US, Demerara is appreciated as a “natural” sugar that still contains vitamins, minerals, and that slight molasses flavor that sugar cane provides.