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Press Kit

The Betsy's Best Logo with the slogan "Food to Fall For"


Born from a love of nutritious and delicious food, Betsy Opyt founded Betsy’s Best in 2010. Her goal was to make a gourmet peanut butter her daughter would eat, and was also all natural and nutritious. All of her products are gluten free and feature non-GMO ingredients lovingly sourced from responsible, honest and healthy vendors.

Mission Statement:

“Betsy, that's the BEST!" This is the response we strive for after the firstbite of Betsy's Best products. Our mission is to create a quality productwith all natural, high quality ingredients that are not only delicious buthealthy. We aspire to create the best tasting all natural fancy food line of products with a playful elegance and refined taste. We seek ingredients that create a unique flavor along with nutrients that nourish the body. With each batch improving from the first, we desire to perfect a snack line that sets itself apart from the rest!

Our Products:

Our nut and seed butters are combined with a mixture of chia seeds, cinnamon, honey and pink Himalayan salt for an amazing gourmet taste. The newest addition to the lineup, the Gourmet Cashew Butter, features a savory pop of cardamom with the crunch of chia seeds. None our nut and seed butters include ingredients like partially hydrogenated oils, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or trans fats - just the healthiest, most natural and freshest ingredients possible.

Nut and Seed Butter Flavors Include:

  • Gourmet Almond Butter
  • Gourmet Cashew Butter
  • Gourmet Peanut Butter
  • Gourmet Sunflower Seed Butter


Betsy’s Best products are available at national and regional retailers throughout the U.S., including select Whole Foods locations, Bristol Farms, and Ingles, and online at Amazon and BetsysBest.com.




    Betsy Opyt, President/CEO & Co-Manager
    Ronald Nordmann, Chairman & Co-Manager


    Naples, Florida

    Media Contact:

    Bridget McIntyre
    (347) 266-2697