To be THIN, Eating A Balanced Diet is IN

To be THIN, Eating A Balanced Diet is IN

Are you struggling to be as thin as you want to be?

You might think you are doing the right thing to lose weight by conserving calories by doing a juice fast, restricting carbohydrates, or eating under 1,000 calories/day. After all, isn’t weight loss all about calories in vs. calories out? It is not all about HOW MUCH you eat as it is about WHAT you eat. Here is a description on what is going on in your body when you starve the body from the balance that it needs.

Two Popular, But Unbalanced Diets And How To Do Better

PROBLEM: A juice fast dumps fructose into the bloodstream. The carbohydrate is turned into sugar and promptly signals the pancreas to secrete insulin, which quickly escorts that sugar into a cell to be used as energy, or if inactive, stored as fat. The rapid drop in blood sugar levels after insulin does its job leaves you hungry, shaky, and craving more sugar and carbs, therefore repeating the cycle. Also most juice fasts leave you calorie depleted, which will waste away at amino acids and break down that lean muscle you worked so hard to build.

  • ANSWER: A fast of juice and vegetables lacks essential protein and fat for satiety and blood sugar regulation. Eat fruits and vegetables with a balance of protein and fats like all natural nut or seed butters to keep you satisfied all day long.

PROBLEM: Low Carb / High Protein diet. Think of carbs as gas for a car. You are not going anywhere on empty. Our bodies are a well designed system that was structured to process carbohydrates to use as fuel. Without sufficient carbs the body will enter a semi-starvation mode and ketones are produced. Ketones are like a low-grade fuel and, as a result, will affect your brain, concentration, and mood. Muscle wasting and dehydration can occur which further affects the body’s performance.

  • ANSWER: Treat your body like a Ferrari and feed the body the right balance of fuel. Carbs are not the enemy, but eating the right type of carb is essential! Whole grain, unprocessed and unrefined, are the most important, along with fresh fruit, whole grains, or healthy starches like quinoa or sweet potato being the best of the carb choices.