Hunting for Healthy Easter Ideas

Hunting for Healthy Easter Ideas

Are you on the hunt for healthy Easter ideas? Keeping kids fit can be a feat when surrounded by Peeps! Don’t succumb to the grocery store’s candy circus; keep things fun and colorful this year with some creative ideas that will make the day happy and healthy. Fill your baskets with these fun treat ideas and we guarantee you’ll feel good about keeping your family healthy this Easter:

Here are Betsy’s Top 6 Healthy Easter Ideas!

Easter Egg Obstacle Course

This isn’t just any Easter egg hunt! This one makes fitness fun by including fitness-related obstacles in each egg that must be completed before moving to the next. Here’s what some of the notes could say:

  • Do 20 jumping jacks
  • Do a cartwheel
  • Find a partner and do the wheelbarrow
  • Crab walk to your next Easter egg

Dye Healthy

Easter is all about vibrant spring colors, but do you know what’s actually in those artificially colored treats? Make your own color-safe dyes free of Red 40, Blue 1 or Blue 2 and feel good about the fact that your kids won’t be bouncing off the walls. Here are a few natural sources of color:

  • Yellow: turmeric
  • Pink: beet juice
  • Purple: grape juice
  • Orange: carrot juice

Fruit Bouquet

Spring flowers make beautiful centerpieces – switch it up with an edible fruit bouquet! You’ll need: flower-shaped cookie cutters, Popsicle sticks, a flowerpot, and a Styrofoam ball. Choose fruits like melons, strawberries, grapes or pineapple to create the “flowers” with your cookie cutters. Add green onions to cover the Popsicle sticks, and carefully place each fruit flower at the top. Place the Styrofoam ball in the pot and stick each “stem” firmly into the foam. Voilà! A beautiful centerpiece and healthy Easter appetizer!

Easter Basket Surprise

Instead of filling baskets with candy, chocolate, and cookies, try stimulating the mind! Add fun games, crayons, toys and crafts to your kids’ baskets. It’ll keep them busy and happy while the adults hang out!

Do the Bunny Hop

Help the kids get in some extra exercise with this Easter-themed game. Decorate white pillowcases with vibrant Easter colors and have them do a “potato sack hop” while hunting for eggs. You can even add bunny ears for a little extra fun!

Make Your Own Healthy Treats

The Betsy’s Best website is loaded with delicious recipes that are perfect for the whole family. Check out our dessert recipes to find fun, sweet treats that make the perfect ending to your healthy, happy Easter!