Five Key Nutrients in Your Betsy’s Best Nut and Seed Butters

Five Key Nutrients in Your Betsy’s Best Nut and Seed Butters

What makes Betsy’s Best, the BEST?! Well, Betsy uses super food ingredients to ensure her products develop a great taste, savory texture, succulent flavor AND a nutrient density that trumps all others. Let’s delve into Betsy’s ingredients to see how this is accomplished.

Nut and Seeds – The All-Stars in Betsy’s Best Butters.

  • Almonds – Gathered straight from almond trees in California, this healthy fat is key to lowering our enemy, LDL cholesterol. In addition, almonds will aid in stabilizing blood sugar, manage weight loss and are full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Peanuts –– Being part of the legume family, peanuts are full of our trusty friend, monounsaturated fats. Being an antioxidant marks the true value of peanuts. Betsy is sure to use roasted peanuts that boost the 
 antioxidant content to a whole new level.
  • Cashews –– As a member of the nut family, one is guaranteed that cashews are high in fat. Luckily for cashews and you, they are full of healthy, unsaturated fats, YAY! Cashews are also known for their relatively high amount of ultra-trace minerals, magnesium and zinc.
  • Sunflower Seeds –– Even though not a nut, sunflower seeds are extremely healthy for your gut! Being bountiful of Vitamin E, B1, copper, manganese and selenium, sunflower seeds are your friend and lower your risk for cardiovascular disease to keep you healthy!
  • Chia Seeds – Standing only two millimeters tall and weighing less than a grain of sand, chia seeds can absorb 12 times their weight in water (hold the applause). As those of you with experience using this mighty seed know, chia seeds form a clear gel around the outside of the seed. This helps to slow digestion, keeping one fuller longer, slowing the breakdown of carbohydrates, lowering cholesterol and add bulk to improve elimination (applaud now).

Other Great Ingredients in Betsy’s Best

  • Spices – Betsy’s favorite spices to use in her butters are Cinnamon and Cardamom. Cinnamon’s main benefit is like that of peanuts being an antioxidant powerhouse. Nasty, uncharged, free radicals are always trying to invade our bodies; therefore, it is important to have high levels of antioxidants to defeat those mighty particles. Cardamom helps to keep one’s belly happy. Similar to Cinnamon, Cardamom helps to eliminate toxins in our bodies to keep its consumers happy.
  • Organic Honey – It would be unfair to talk about Cinnamon without mentioning its delicious partner, honey. When these two ingredients get together they are unstoppable. They spend their time fighting free radicals, boosting our immune systems, moving glucose into cells for energy and increasing life span . . . WOW!
  • Pink Himalayan Salt – The farthest distance traveled award belongs to our friend, Pink Himalayan Salt. Traveling all the way from the Himalayan Mountains, this natural preservative balances blood sugar, reduces the signs of aging, aids in sleep patterns and will keep YOU looking prettier in pink.