Super Core – Tips To Strengthen Your Abs

Super Core – Tips To Strengthen Your Abs


You may see a lot of “super” hero’s around the neighborhood this month, but those painted on abs on those Halloween costumes signify a strong body. Every mortal human has a core and it is a shame to neglect the powerhouse of your body. The core is one of the most functional parts of your body. It helps you in everything from golf and sports, to prevent back pain and helping with everyday functions.

Betsy’s Best Tips To Strengthen Your Abs

Here are some quick exercises that you can do 3-4 times a week to help build a better core. Do 2-3 sets of each and hold 15-20 seconds.

Airplane – Stand on one leg and extended other leg behind you with arms to side. Lean chest forward and lift leg off of ground. Pull belly tight and squeeze glut muscle. Keep head, hips, and leg all level. Balance and breathe.

Plank – Start on hands and knees. Place hands shoulder width apart and knees hip width apart. Ground toes into floor and pick up knees and extend legs straight. Hold belly tight and keep back level, don’t let your hips drop to the floor. Hold arms steady and breathe.

Superman – This exercise is done starting on your hands and knees. Pull belly tight and extend right arm and left leg level with body and hold, then switch to other hand and opposite leg and hold. Make sure back remains straight and belly tight.


A Spring Fitness Routine to get you Lean

A Spring Fitness Routine to get you Lean

Put a pep in your step this spring and increase your cardio to get lean! Studies show that as little as 2.5 hours of cardio exercise a week is enough to help aid in weight management and decrease risks of heart disease. Exercise should never be a bore nor a chore, and finding the right exercise to fit your needs is key. Sometimes exercise drops to the bottom of the priority list for people with a busy schedule. Realizing that exercise doesn’t have to necessarily be done all at the same time is helpful for those with a crammed schedule. If you have the time to take 4 min of your day to brush your teeth for preventative health, then you have 30 min a day to take time to prevent the decay of your body. These 5 tips below won’t take more then 10 min at a time and can easily be accumulated throughout the day to achieve your 30 min goal. Give them a try and spring into a new fitness routine!

5 tips on how to squeeze in 10 min of cardio

  1. Do a 2 min interval on the treadmill 5 times during your weight training session.
  2. When shopping at Costco, Sam’s Club, or Walmart, do an extra lap around the store, making sure not to stop and shop…or eat the samples!
  3. Got stairs? Got exercise. Make a point to do stair intervals—spend 5 minutes 2-5 times/day going up and down the stairs. Watch your heart rate climb!
  4. Do jumping jacks or walk in place during the 2 min commercials of a TV program
  5. After each meal take a 10 min stroll or bike ride around the block. Walk the dog, walk your spouse, or just walk yourself. The most important thing is to move after you eat!
Fall into Fabulous With Betsy’s Fall Fitness Tips

Fall into Fabulous With Betsy’s Fall Fitness Tips

As Summer becomes a distant memory and Autumn moves into full swing, it is time to research some Fall fitness tips.. The cooler weather brings more cravings for those cozy treats as our bodies prepare for hibernation. Watch out for the fall slow down. Keep your energy and immunity boosted by reducing inflammation. Lastly, don’t indulging in the foods that drag you down.

Regain your motivation to take charge of your health through the crisp months ahead. Make a goal sheet for how you will handle the fall season and, instead of falling behind on your health goals, fall into fabulous by staying fit!

Each month, I try to provide you with information that is not only helpful, but motivational. These are all easy steps that will lead you in the right direction. Sometimes life is not all about the destination. It is about the journey. This is where character, drive, and motivation are built. That experience is what will rebuild you into a stronger, more resilient person.

Health is something that is not given to you. Sure, we are all born healthy, for the most part. It is our lifestyles that wear us down. It is the good choices we make that will rebuild our health or maintain it. With that in mind, here are a few simple suggestions that should be easy to incorporate into your life:

Betsy’s 3 Best Healthy Lifestyle Suggestions for the Fall

Get outside and enjoy the Fall weather:

  • Visit a nearby park with great hiking tails.
  • Start training for a Turkey Trot 5K or 10K.
  • Go on leaf-peeping walks,

Eat the delicious healthy foods offered by the Autumn harvest:

Set attainable fitness goals to reach by Thanksgiving:

  • Lose 10 pounds over the next two months
  • Add 4 pounds of muscle by Turkey day
  • Walk 10,000 steps a day

If you fail to plan, then you have planned to fail. Don’t let another month go by where you don’t make a change that you can keep. Make a goal sheet for how you will handle the fall season. Instead of falling behind on your health goals, fall into fabulous by staying fit!

6 Healthy Holiday Habits

6 Healthy Holiday Habits

Are you wondering how to stay healthy over the holidays? This season, give yourself the best gift: the gift of good health!

Develop healthy habits that extend well beyond the holidays with these helpful tips to stay fit and healthy!

Six Healthy Holiday Habits To Develop

Habit 1: Picture your ideal healthy holiday

Who would you spend it with? What would you do? This season, try to recreate the image you just described. You’ll gain a healthier satisfaction from this accomplishment than you would from indulging in another piece of fudge or second serving of stuffing.

Habit 2: Keep serving sizes in mind as you fill up your holiday plate

Meat should be roughly 3-4 ounces (the size of a deck of cards), cheese – 1 oz (the size of 4 dice), bread – one slice/or half a cup (half the size of a baseball) and fats – 1 teaspoon (the size of your thumb).

Habit 3: Don’t deprive yourself over the holidays

Eat the treats you really enjoy and skip the ones you can live without. If you look forward to your mom’s Christmas fudge every year, have a piece or two of that – instead of the fruitcake you aren’t crazy about.

Habit 4: Choose a healthy alternative to traditional food and drinks

Low-fat eggnog tastes just as good as the loaded version. An even better choice is spiced cider or wassail. Steamed shrimp is also a delicious alternative for Swedish meatballs. And of course, the veggie tray is a much safer choice compared to the cheese and cracker platter – just watch the dressing!

Habit 5: Fill up on healthy food before a feast

Eat a healthy, balanced meal with plenty of veggies before heading to a holiday party where there will be many temptations. Also try to limit your alcohol consumption, there can be anywhere between 90-400 calories per alcoholic beverage!

Habit 6: Utilize the power of exercise

You can easily burn away those extra calories consumed at a big holiday meal. Suggest a family walk or bike ride around the neighborhood after dinner. You’ll burn calories, get some fresh air and spend time with your family doing something active.

Holiday gifts for good health can come in small festive bags.Bonus tip: Help friends and family stay healthy during the holidays too! Instead of bringing a plate of sweets or a gift basket loaded with high-calorie, sugar-rich treats, bring a few jars of Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters. You can even put together your own gift basket with healthy treats and a few jars of Betsy’s Best. Or bring your hostess a jar! It’s a unique alternative to the usual bottle of wine and sure to make your hostess gift stand out from the rest.

Have yourself a very merry, healthy holiday season!

10 Ways To Stick To Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

10 Ways To Stick To Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Starting off the New Year with the right focus on health and fitness takes knowledge and education to make the right choices. There’s a lot of conflicting information and a sea of bad advice out there that can keep you floating in the wrong direction. To keep your fitness-related New Year’s resolution, follow these tips to help you accomplish, master and turn your fitness goals into a lifestyle change.

Betsy’s 10 Ways To Stick To Your New year’s Fitness Resolutions

#1 First, ask yourself why you are choosing a fitness-related New Year’s resolution. If the reason if for anyone other than yourself, you may want to rethink this decision. Exercising should be about becoming stronger, healthier and more fit. It should be something YOU choose to do for YOURSELF, not your mother, boyfriend, work colleagues or anyone else.

#2 Set short-term goals that are easy and achievable. It is important to set small goals over a short period of time to keep you motivated. For example, if you get winded from walking 15 minutes and your goal is to increase your endurance and stamina, your goal today should be to walk for 20 minutes. Gradually increase your walking time in five-minute increments each day. This will help you achieve a longer walking time, build your stamina and increase endurance.

#3 Keep track of your exercise for the week using a log or journal. Note how you are feeling at that time: how does exercise help or affect your mood, quality of sleep and weight? Keeping track of and charting your progress will help you be accountable as you move toward your specific fitness goals.

#4 Join a workout group, walking club or recruit a reliable friend as an exercise partner. Social support is crucial for staying motivated to exercise. Having a partner or a group to exercise with can increase your level of motivation and also help you be accountable to them when you are not feeling so motivated.

#5 Try new things! If you keep doing the same exercise routine, you may get bored and your body won’t be challenged. Incorporating new fitness routines or trying a new style of exercise, such as water aerobics or yoga, can help you reach your goals sooner and keep you interested.

#6 Identify excuses or barriers you might use to avoid working out and have a ready-made response to go with it. For example, if time is an issue, make sure your workout clothes are already packed and ready to go. If you have young children, make sure they can either go with you to the gym or have a babysitter already called so you have no reason to miss a workout.

#7 If you find that you are unable to change your workout routine and find yourself in a plateau, consider hiring a personal trainer. He or she can change and help personalize a workout plan specifically tailored to meet your fitness goals.

#8 It’s perfectly ok to miss a workout for a day, just try not to let that day turn into a week! It will only make it that much harder to get back into your routine. Most people tend to miss workouts during the holidays and vacation. Find something fun to do that can also be a form of exercise. If you’re on a cruise, walk around the ship or go swimming. Does your hotel have a gym? Squeeze in just a half hour of simple exercises to stay moving.

#9 Choose exercises appropriate for your age and fitness level. Doing exercises that are too hard for you too soon will leave you exhausted and sore, and make you not want to continue with your goals. The best plan is starting off slow and gradually increasing your workload as your body becomes stronger and fit.

#10 Schedule workout routines on your calendar just as you would with doctor’s appointments or a haircut. If you plan ahead and make time for your workout, it’s more likely that you will continue with it.

By following these tried and true fitness tips, you will be much more successful in keeping your New Year’s fitness resolution. Imagine how accomplished you will feel a year from now when you look back and see all of the exercise goals you have met and, better yet, exceeded!