Health Benefits of Sea Salt

Health Benefits of Sea Salt

The health benefits of sea salt must be many, right? These days you can see it in your favorite bag of potato chips, pretzels, or even your chocolate bar. There is now an array of sea salt options in the grocery store and we couldn’t help but wonder: What makes this salt any different from traditional table salt?

What Are The Health Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea salt has the same sodium content as table salt, meaning it’s no better for blood pressure levels, but there are nutritional benefits to using sea salt instead of traditional table salt, all of which come as a result of the way it’s extracted from the earth. When table salt is mined from deposits in the earth, it is heavily processed and stripped of all its minerals. “Anti-caking” agents are then added to prevent it from clumping together. Sea salt, on the other hand, is collected through evaporation methods and requires very minimal processing, leaving it with superior texture, flavor, and mineral content. This process also allows sea salt to hold on to trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

The main reason sea salt has gained popularity in restaurants and packaged food products is the desirable texture it retains through the evaporation process. The sea salt remains more coarse and flavorful than table salt, which makes it more satisfying to the taste buds. Most chefs add sea salt throughout the cooking process to bring out the natural flavors in the ingredients they use. Sea salt can be a delicious, more natural option to add to your diet in contrast to traditional table salt, though for optimal heart health, it should still be used in moderation when adding to your favorite foods.

One of the savory ingredients we add to Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters to help the flavors pop is pink Himalayan salt. Although the Himalayans are mountains, they were once under the sea and still fall in the category of sea salt. We are proud to use natural ingredients and functional foods in our products, and although our products taste unbelievably good, rest assured they are good for you too!

You Are What You Eat!

You Are What You Eat!

“You are what you eat.”

These famous words that were probably spoken to you by your mother when you were a child and have a greater meaning to us today. I compare it to saving money in the bank for your retirement. The foods we consume will provide nutrients that are stored and utilized by the body, and will determine the investment in our health for the future.

Does It Matter What You Eat?

Evaluate the foods you put into your body and determine whether they provide value. Are you eating foods that provide nutrition, give you energy, and make you feel good? Or are you eating foods that are void of nutrients, cause fatigue, and wear you down?

What you eat will reflect not only on how you feel about your body, but how your body will feel. Open your eyes and take a deeper look at the real value of your plate and fill it with the foods that will make the investment in your health one that will provide a secure future.

Here at Betsy’s Best we take that investment seriously and that is why Betsy (a registered dietitian) selected the ingredients for her gourmet nut and seed butters based on their nutrition profile without sacrificing taste. Knowing that a delicious tasting gourmet nut or seed butter was carefully crafted with health in mind will give you reassurance that even though that sweet taste of Betsy’s Best is really good for you too!