Betsy’s Best Honey Mustard Dressing

Betsy’s Best Honey Mustard Dressing

Put traditional honey mustard dressings on notice. With simple addition of Betsy’s Best Gourmet Cinnamon Seed Butter and the use of all-natural ingredients in this recipe, you will never want to buy dressing at the store again. Trust Betsy! You’ll #TasteTheDifference!

Dressing Ingredients:

3 T Betsy’s Best Cinnamon Sunflower Seed Butter

1 Tbsp olive oil

6 baby carrots

2 Tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice

3 Tbsp water

1 Tbsp stone ground mustard

½ Tbsp raw honey

¼ tsp sea salt

½ tsp garlic, minced (or 1 small clove)

Step By Step Honey Mustard Dressing Recipe Directions:

Step 1: Puree all ingredients in blender or food processor until smooth.

Step 2: Drizzle over salad just before serving.

Step 3: Enjoy your honey mustard dressing with sunflower seed butter.!

Liven up your salad with Betsy’s all-natural honey mustard dressing recipe. It makes a great chicken marinade, too!