A Nut Butter with Umami

A Nut Butter with Umami

Do you love Umami? Falling in love with your food is nothing new.  We are all creatures of habit and have distinct tastes that tantalize those taste buds.  From sweet to savory or textures of smooth to crunchy, every profile has a role in creating the experience food provides.

Umami | Savory or Spicy

The newest flavor profile that is the buzz word with foodies is “umami.” Umami means savory or spicy and is one of the five basic tastes along with sweetness, bitterness, sourness, and saltiness.  The unique combination of all the intense flavors makes certain parts of the brain light up.  It is what attracts a person to specific foods.  Creating an attraction to healthy, functional food ingredients can only be a good thing!

Some of us eat to live, but many of us live to eat!

At Betsy’s Best our mission is to create healthy foods that are not only delicious but nutritious!  Food should be full of flavor and integrity behind each ingredient, hand selected for a nutritional purpose. Betsy, a registered dietitian, recognizes that flavor is a powerful thing and helps us connect with our food.  Wanting to provide a unique experience, her nut and seed butters are anything but ordinary.  They are in fact “gourmet” and feature unique combinations of some of the 5 basic tastes.

The original flavor profile, first developed in Betsy’s Best Gourmet Peanut Butter, is slightly sweet with a hint of salt to make all of the flavors pop.  With unique superfood ingredients that include cinnamon, chia seeds, organic honey, and Himalayan pink salt, this blend (available as a peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower seed butter) will enhance the flavor of any recipe or can be enjoyed simply by licking it off a spoon.

If you want more umami, Betsy’s Best also has a delicious gourmet cashew butter featuring cardamom instead of cinnamon.  This cashew butter is less sweet, but still plays nicely on the taste buds with a savory, sweet and salty combination.

Betsy’s Best Makes Any Recipe Better

In a smoothie, dressed on a salad, as a marinade on meat, drizzled over a treat or enjoyed on a spoon, you will see that Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters are better than the rest!  Next time you dip your spoon into Betsy’s Best, take a moment to appreciate the complete flavor profile and texture. Feel good about falling in love with your food!