5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Gourmet Nut & Seed Butters

Fall in LOVE with Betsy’s Best

It is truly love at first bite as you dip into your first experience of Betsy’s Best.  The taste and texture are like no others.  And as you lick your spoon your mind is already spinning around the thought of the next experience…and the next….and the next.  We always like to say “your first experience won’t be your last,” and you will be forever a fan of Betsy’s Best.  That is why we say our butters are “Food to Fall For” because it feels good to fall in love with something so healthy and delicious!!!

Through the years we have heard many testimonials of what people love about our butters.  Our founder and creator, Betsy Opyt RD, LD/N, CDE, put pen to paper to distinguish what she loves most about her gourmet butters and why she fell in love and is happy to “spread” the joy to others!  Here is what she has to say:

5 Reasons To Love Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut And Seed Butters

#1 Better Flavor, Better Ingredients, Better Nut Butters!  Sure there are a lot of nut butters on the market, but why be the same?  My goal is to make something better!  After all it has to be good enough to serve to my family….and I want it to be good enough to serve to yours. That is why every jar is loaded with superfood ingredients and it is why we are GOURMET!

#2 Integrity– I hold a high standard for anything I create.  I use a clear label on my jars to prove that there is nothing to hide.  There is a transparency in my company, and I have pride not only in what I have developed, but also in what the brand stands for.

#3 Innovation– I want people to think outside the box when it comes to my gourmet nut and seed butters.  Sure they can be used as a spread, but there are so many other applications for this unique butter!  It can be used to enhance any recipe…in fact I have over 200 recipes with nut butters on my website that you can check out for inspiration!

#4 Eating Shouldn’t Be Boring–  I don’t like boring….nor do I like boring foods.  I have always been the queen of creativity, especially having a mom who is an artist.  I lucked out with the creativity gene but my art is food!

#5 For the LOVE of Good Food!  As a dietitian I love to see people invest in their health.  I witnesses the food industry disguising and hiding unhealthy food ingredients that make healthy eating confusing.  I am tired of the food industry using cheap ingredients to make a healthier bottom line.  I fight for quality, and that is why we are “gourmet” and the flavors are so pronounced in my line of butters.  I try to stay as true to nature as possible and refuse to add anything that will cheapen my products.  I want the consumer to be as proud of what they are eating as I am of producing a “good for you food.”

May your Betsy’s Best experience be one to remember and enjoy every bite knowing your butters were made with love!

Healthy Regards,


Why is Himalayan Pink Salt Better For You Than Regular Salt?

Why is Himalayan Pink Salt Better For You Than Regular Salt?

We didn’t choose Himalayan Pink Salt for our Betsy’s Best products just because of its pretty pink color. There’s a reason we season our products with this beautifully colored crystal!

Why is Himalayan Pink Salt Better For You Than Regular Salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt is known as the purest salt on earth. In fact, it’s been protected deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountains for over 250 million years! Although it has the same sodium content as table salt (meaning it’s no better for blood pressure levels) Himalayan Pink Salt has a few key things traditional table salt lacks:

  • Nutritional benefits
  • Superior texture and flavor – all of which are thanks to the way sea salt is extracted from the earth.

Unlike Himalayan Pink Salt, after traditional table salt is mined from deposits in the earth, it’s heavily processed and stripped of all its minerals. “Anti-caking” agents are then added to prevent the salt from clumping together. On the other hand, Himalayan Pink Salt requires very minimal processing, which preserves the salt’s natural texture, flavor and 84 nourishing minerals.

Why Betsy Chose Himalayan Pink Salt For Her Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters

The main reason Himalayan Pink Salt has graced Betsy’s Best products is because of its minimal processing; this savory salt remains more coarse and flavorful than traditional table salt, and in turn, is more satisfying to the taste buds. Himalayan Pink Salt is the perfect pair for the sweet flavor of Betsy’s Best. The combination of salty and sweet makes quite the treat!

Now you know how much thought went into choosing the perfect salt for our nut & seed butters. Himalayan Pink Salt isn’t just delicious, it’s nutritious too!

Facts About Healthy Fats

Facts About Healthy Fats

Healthy fats…what?! Oftentimes these are two words that are never seen in the same sentence.

Fat is essential for the body as it supports several everyday functions. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to choose healthy fats. When we are looking at the nutrition label, we want to stay away from ALL trans fats. These are the enemy as they increase our bad cholesterol and lower our good cholesterol.

Bad fats increasing our risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Type II diabetes.

Saturated fats are closely related. Although there is conflicting evidence in which it is not known whether saturated fats are linked with heart disease and high cholesterol, it is recommended to limit these as much as possible.

Betsy’s Facts About Healthy Fats:

Now, let’s get to the good stuff; monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats!

Monounsaturated Fats:

  • Nuts are heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that are full of fiber, packed with protein, dense vitamin and mineral bits of magic. Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters feature some of the most healthy nuts, and a spoonful or two will leave you satisfied and happily reaping all of the benefits.
  • Avocados are also a high, monounsaturated fatty food. Avocados are high in vitamin E, C, B6 and folate, high in fiber, high in antioxidants AND should be a high priority on your grocery list. You name it, you can add avocado to it: salads, pizza, soup, salsa, eggs, sandwiches and even smoothies.
  • Olive oil, safflower oil, and sesame oil are also high in monounsaturated fats and help to combat bad cholesterol and aim to keep healthy cells in the body.

Polyunsaturated Fats:

Polyunsaturated fats are another type of healthy fat typically found in plant and animal foods that aim to improve cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat that are especially healthy for the heart. It is recommended to consume fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout) at least two times per week due to their high omega-3 content.
  • Chia seeds, one of Betsy’s favorite ingredients, are also high in omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to helping improve cholesterol health, chia seeds provide iron, calcium, antioxidants, fiber and several other healthy benefits. And best of all, chia seeds can be added to anything…literally anything.
  • Other great sources of polyunsaturated fats include healthy oils (like sunflower or safflower oil used in all of Betsy’s butters), flaxseed and eggs.

So the MVP of the healthy fats goes to those Mono & Poly-unsaturated fats!  Hip hip hooray, eating healthy fats is good for you today!  So take a spoon and dig in and feel good knowing that each bite of Betsy’s Best is doing your body good!

Were these facts about healthy fats helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

How “Sweet” it is! Nut and Seed Butters for Dessert

How “Sweet” it is! Nut and Seed Butters for Dessert

If you know anything about Betsy’s Best Gourmet Nut and Seed Butters, you know they have a pop of flavor and a great all-natural texture. From the sweeter profile of the peanut, almond, and seed butter, to the savory but sweet cashew butter, the spices cinnamon and cardamom lend themselves to liven up any dessert recipe.

Nut Butters Make A Healthy & Delicious Dessert Topping or Mix-In

If cinnamon is your thing, try adding a scoop of the peanut, almond, or seed butter to your icing, pudding, or ice cream. If you love to bake, most Danish pastries utilize the spice cardamom, so the cashew butter makes a delicious combination for a Danish, sweet roll, muffin, cake or cookie recipe. Because the butters are considered a fat, they can often be used to replace equal amounts of butter in a recipe.

You can also use nut or seed as a garnish. Use nut butters to dollop, drizzle or dip with your dish, or stuff one of your favorite flavors into the center of a cookie, fruit, or muffin. There are endless possibilities once you discover what your nut and seed butters can do when it comes to desserts!