Healthy Weekday Breakfast Ideas to Improve Your Routine

Healthy Weekday Breakfast Ideas to Improve Your Routine

Are you looking for healthy weekday breakfast ideas? People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet breakfast can be one of the meals we spend the least amount of time to really enjoy, especially on a weekday! We are always on the move and on our way out the door. Sadly, some of us even skip breakfast just so we can get to work on time or catch a few more minutes of sleep.

For those of us who do eat breakfast, we don’t usually get too creative with our breakfast options. Cereal, Milk, Orange Juice or a piece of fruit is often the standard that repeats throughout the week. It’s hard to wake up and be excited for the day, especially for the kids, without a healthy and exciting breakfast!

At Betsy’s Best, we believe breakfast should be a priority. We also know that time is short during the morning workweek, so we need healthy breakfasts that are quick and easy to make. Breakfast should be just as enjoyable and delicious as any other meal! No more morning bagel, doughnut or toaster pastry on your way out the door. Goodbye “bland;” hello “grand!”

Try out these fresh ways to switch up your breakfast routine to give your morning rise and shine a little extra boost of creative flavor to brighten your day!

Some Healthy Weekday Breakfast Ideas

Protein Packed Nut/Seed Butter Muffins (made in advance, take on the go)

Hummingbird Cupcakes Recipe with Cinnamon Almond Butter is a kid-friendly baking recipeWho doesn’t love the decadent texture of a Morning Muffin? You can use our Hummingbird Almond Butter Cupcakes for protein packed morning muffins.  Bake these ahead of time to have ready in the morning.  The kids sure love these on their way to school to keep them full and fueled with a healthy breakfast on the go! Also, if you like muffins, feel free to try the delicious recipe for Protein Banana Muffins from Nutrition in the Kitchen. Use your favorite Betsy’s Best in the recipe when it calls for Nut or Seed Butter.

Groovy Smoothie on the Go!

One of my favorite things to make for breakfast to start my day is a coffee lover’s go to breakfast smoothie: Caramel Macchiato Smoothie with Almond Butter with an added teaspoon of Cocoa Powder for a little chocolate flare and added fiber!

Overnight Oats with Betsy’s Best

If you haven’t tried Overnight Oats yet, I highly suggest them for a great way to try something new for breakfast. You can add any and all of your favorite ingredients and flavors in a glass jar stored overnight in the refrigerator for a swift and superb breakfast you can enjoy as soon as you wake up or take with you to work. Some have enjoyed combining their favorites from our Yogurt Recipe & our Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal.

Breakfast Family Time Together 

For those of us with more time in our morning routines, (thank goodness for weekends), there’s nothing better than a healthy breakfast with the family in the morning. At Betsy’s Best, we absolutely LOVE whipping together some Crepes (as a team effort to have a little more fun) with Granola to give an extra crunch and sweet berries for the family to share in love and laughter as a beautiful start to our mornings. Check out all of our healthy breakfast recipes.

In need of a fresh perspective or fresh take on life? Try some of these fast, fresh, fancy recipes to mix things up and create flavorful breakfast options you may never have considered before for your breakfast routine! It is nice to try something new and exciting, and think outside the box sometimes; just like Betsy’s Best, not your typical nut or seed butter, but something completely new, fresh, delicious and healthy! We hope you put these healthy weekday breakfast ideas to great use with your family!