Nutty Tips For Good Nutrition

Nutty Tips For Good Nutrition

Every little step that we take to form healthy eating habits and achieve good nutrition is well worth the effort.

Here are a few simple tips for good nutrition that you can take to increase the nutrient intake of your food.

  • Eat Roasted Nuts!  I know there is this whole “Raw” movement, but did you know it is more difficult for your body to digest raw nuts?  By simply roasting the nut you will increase the antioxidant intake by 20%!  Also, eating peanuts in the shell will increase the antioxidant intake due to the thin brown skin on the outside of the nut. Even better take those nuts to the grinder and turn them into a butter.  This makes them not only easier to digest, but a super yummy snack.  Betsy’s Best nut and seed butters are an even healthier choice because of the addition of the cinnamon, organic honey, and chia seeds which adds a super boost to the already healthy nut and seed spreads.
  • Eat Avocado on Salads!  Just by throwing 2 1/2 T worth of avocado on your salad you will increase your absorption rate of antioxidants, lycopene, and beta-carotene by 13%.  These healthy mono-unsaturated fats will not only help you absorb the fat soluble vitamin K found in the leafy greens, but will also help you absorb the blend of antioxidants.
  • Don’t chop those carrots!  Simply by waiting to chop the carrot until after it has been cooked will not only increase the taste of the carrot but will also increase the nutritional content.
  • Crush and Count– that is the rule of thumb when eating garlic.  Simply by crushing the garlic and counting down 10 minutes will boost the enzymes in the garlic that will fight cancer cells in the body.  Also pair garlic with fatty fish that are at risk of mercury content because the sulfhydryl will help chelate the mercury from the body.
  • Dunk and Drink– By dunking your tea bag a few times before drinking will release more antioxidants.  Then add lemon and it will boost the levels and keep them more stable.

Good nutrition doesn’t have to taste bad.  Follow our easy and quick tips to simply boost the nutrition content of foods you are already eating.  So Roast, Chop, Crush, Dunk and Eat those healthy foods to better your health!

By the way, October 22nd is #NationalNutDay!

You Are What You Eat!

You Are What You Eat!

“You are what you eat.”

These famous words that were probably spoken to you by your mother when you were a child and have a greater meaning to us today. I compare it to saving money in the bank for your retirement. The foods we consume will provide nutrients that are stored and utilized by the body, and will determine the investment in our health for the future.

Does It Matter What You Eat?

Evaluate the foods you put into your body and determine whether they provide value. Are you eating foods that provide nutrition, give you energy, and make you feel good? Or are you eating foods that are void of nutrients, cause fatigue, and wear you down?

What you eat will reflect not only on how you feel about your body, but how your body will feel. Open your eyes and take a deeper look at the real value of your plate and fill it with the foods that will make the investment in your health one that will provide a secure future.

Here at Betsy’s Best we take that investment seriously and that is why Betsy (a registered dietitian) selected the ingredients for her gourmet nut and seed butters based on their nutrition profile without sacrificing taste. Knowing that a delicious tasting gourmet nut or seed butter was carefully crafted with health in mind will give you reassurance that even though that sweet taste of Betsy’s Best is really good for you too!