The Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew: How to Choose and Where to Find Them

Cold brew is a very popular method of preparing coffee. Many claim that it’s much better compared to the standard brewing methods, since the temperature allows all the flavors to develop, resulting in a refreshing beverage. But not every type of coffee is good for a cold brew. Sometimes you’ll need to pay a lot of attention to the choice, as well as the sellers.

If you’re looking for the best coffee beans, look no further. You can find here a large selection of top-notch coffee beans for cold brew, and even learn how to prepare this popular drink yourself.

Still, we decided to write this article for you and help you with every possible aspect.

So first, let’s see:

What is cold brew coffee?

People usually call this beverage cold-pressing coffee or cold water extraction. Choose your favorite beans and leave them soaked in cold water for 12-24 hours, depending on the roast. You can use completely cold water or room-temperature water – it’s up to you.

Preparing cold brew requires patience because you’ll need to start it at least one day in advance.

Note that cold brew it’s not the same as iced coffee. The iced coffee is brewed hot and then cooled down using ice. The cold brew doesn’t require high temperatures, so the drink you get was brewed slowly, usually overnight.

Choosing the right coffee beans

choosing right coffee bean

Even though not all coffee beans are equal, the choice is usually up to you. Sometimes you need to pay attention to details like:

  1. Flavor profile: Cold brew is a specific method that extracts different aromas and flavors from the bean. Make sure you choose smooth, sweet, and nutty beans, in order to make the cold brew tasty. But if you prefer a bitter and more prominent taste, you can go with it too. It takes some time, but you’ll get used to the method soon.
  2. The blend: You can choose single-origin or blend beans, but we must say the single-origin is better for cold brew. Why? It’s the best way to taste the unique flavor this way. You can mix it later with another type of coffee for more taste layers.
  3. The roast: The roast level is also an important factor to consider. Medium to dark roasts are better for cold brew, because you get a more prominent taste that way. Their taste is fuller and more intense, so it goes well with the cold extraction method.

Where to buy the best coffee beans for cold brew

cold brew coffee

It all depends on how available are coffee roasters and coffee shops around you. Sometimes it gets pretty difficult if you’re limited to just a few shops, but it’s better to start somewhere, and then see how your passion for cold brew gets developed every sip you take.

So, here are a few ideas on how to buy your perfect beans for cold brew:

  • Local coffee shops: Check if you have some local coffee shops available around you. Sometimes they provide enough choice for coffee lovers, to at least start your cold brew selection. It’s a nice start, and you can explore your options as you travel or order online.
  • Online sellers: Many specialized online sellers provide enough coffee beans for cold brew lovers. They also provide detailed information on the products, and you can choose from the various offer properly. You only have to ask the internet for coffee shops near you and let the search engines do their thing.
  • Local farmers: If you live in an area where the coffee grows, you’re really lucky. You can find many bean sellers and taste authentic coffee from around you. Also, there are sellers who buy fresh beans and roast and combine them in different ways, creating unique blends for every coffee lover.

Things to consider when buying coffee beans for cold brew

cold brew coffee bean

As for everything else, you need to focus on reliable sellers and quality products. Not every coffee type is equal, so you need to find your favorite kind or blend, in order to make the cold brew.

Additionally, you can buy coffee when you travel or order from friends who visit other countries often. The goal is to find quality beans providing enough flavor for your favorite drink.

The next thing you need to be careful of is the water you use. We recommend using bottled water because tap water sometimes has some aftertaste and may affect the brew quality. Bottled water is completely clean, and you’ll get the best extraction of the beans.

Another recommendation is to use a glass jug to prepare the brew. Every other material can leave some taste in the liquid, especially plastics, so make sure you completely avoid it. That’s why glass bottles or jugs are the best for your favorite beverage.

In order to make it according to your taste, you can add sugar, sweeteners, syrups, and even milk. The cold brew has the same effects as the usual coffee, due to caffeine, but many claim that the taste is bolder, deeper, and more prominent when prepared this way.

But if you still want to taste the flavor of the beans, it’s better not to use any additions to the drink. Just try it to see why so many people love this method. You’ll be surprised by the taste and texture, and we are sure you’ll never get back to the hot brew preparation again.


We tried to help you the best we can, so now you’re completely ready to explore all the options and even try different types of coffee beans. You can start with what’s available around you, and then buy beans from other countries too.

As we said, once you try it, you’ll surely move to the cold brew side, without thinking about getting back to the hot coffee ever again. It’s tasty, healthier, and offers a unique taste – just the way every coffee lover loves.

So, don’t wait. Find your favorite roast or blend, and start preparing it yourself.