What is stevia leaf extract? Organic stevia leaf extract is an all-natural sweeter with zero calories.

What Is Stevia Leaf Extract?

What is stevia leaf extract? We have a confession. At Betsy’s Best, we have a major sweet tooth. Thank goodness we’ve discovered the best way to keep our products healthy and satisfyingly sweet– with organic stevia leaf extract! Stevia is naturally derived from the South American Sweet Leaf plant. The leaves have been traditionally used for hundreds of years in Brazil and Paraguay to sweeten teas and medicine. Stevia is both carbohydrate and calorie free. It has been shown to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, and it has antibacterial properties. It’s also been shown to aid in calcium formation, great for strengthening those bones. So next time you take a big bite of Betsy’s Best, you can rest assured that its super sweet taste is super sweet for your health too.

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