Is coconut good for you?


Is Coconut Good For You?


Is coconut good for you?  Here at Betsy’s Best we love tasty superfood nutrition and the coconut delivers!  Among its most important health benefits is the ability to help protect against heart disease by increasing good cholesterol; and improving cholesterol ratios. It is also known to kill disease causing bacteria due to its antimicrobial effects on fatty acids.  If you have diabetes, eating coconut can help by slowing the release of sugar into the blood.  It can also help to boost your metabolism and energy, which should help with weight loss and weight control. The healthy fats in coconut can also help to protect your brain against Alzheimer’s and stroke.  And, if that isn’t enough, coconut can even provide benefits to your teeth by protecting against tooth decay.

Like most foods, you should eat coconut in moderation.  While its fats are healthy, too much can cause some negative effects. If you just have your single daily serving of Betsy’s Best Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter you will be getting the perfect amounts for a healthy diet!

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